WFC 3×3 Floorball 2024 – Day 1 Men’s Competition (11th May 2024)

After my first posting about the debut event of the 3×3 World Floorball Championships was about the first day of the women’s competition, this one is about the Saturday, 11th May 2024 matches on the men’s side. A total of 29 teams competed in seven groups, so excuse me if my coverage will be a bit less detailed than I did in the first one.

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WFC 3×3 2024 Day 1 – Men’s Competition

The first day of the men’s tournament was packed, kicking off at 9:00 local time and having the last face-off at 21:00. The first set of matches included a close 3-2 victory for Poland Team 1 against Slovakia, who by that set the basis for the second place in Group F, which finally had been won by Team Latvia 2. The 9:30 matches came with two interesting results. USA Team Red, which included a couple of US-American players residing in Sweden, beat the second Polish team by 8-6 (Group D). However, the first result everybody in the arena knew about quickly was New Zealand beating Czechia in their opener of Group B by 6-5. Nonetheless, Czechia won that group later and the Kiwis finished third, as that group had a couple of close scores later. For example, Czechia just beat France by 7-6 and New Zealand tied with the Netherlands 7-7.

Like in the women’s tournament, India’s visa issues prevented them from competing, so that only Group G had five teams. This also nearly had an historic moment at its 14:30 match, when Team Burkindi, the national team of Burkina Faso had a close battle with the first team of Floorball Deutschland (Germany). However, the Germans finally won 8-6 and thus did not allow for the first African point or victory at a World Floorball Championship. Despite of losing all group matches, the two African teams, Burkina Faso and Cote d’Ivoire, were somehow the hidden stars of the tournament.


A Tough Battle between Iceland and Italy

Team Germany 2 had a tough group with Team Lahti representing the Finnish Federation, which in fact was a selection of F-Liiga local team LASB. Another team in their group, which also made it to the Championship semifinals from this Group E was second-placed Team Latvia 1. The fourth team, USA White were the poor guys in that group. After their first match, a 1-24 against the Latvians I heard the US coach stating I have no idea how to defend against this. Iceland got their first point ever at a WFC main event, having a 6-6 tie against Spain. Despite they had a 4-0 lead against Italy after four minutes already, the Azzurri finally won a tight battle by 5-4.



New Zealand kicks out Czechia

New Zealand has truly been the 3×3 floorball nightmare for Czechia. Later on Saturday, they faced the Ozeanian team again – and lost again, this time in the shoot-out. However, they had no chance against Latvia Team 1 thereafter. Finland’s Team Blue was stopped by the second Latvian team in the Championship Quarterfinal, making an all-Latvian semifinal on Sunday. In the same round, the Swiss team, which had played a very good tournament before, had to bow out against Team Lahti (7-12). By beating Italy 11-3, Germany Team 2 made it to the B-Group Finals. Due to the successful campaign on the women’s side, there were finally two German teams in the Sunday matches – what a great success for the German federation.


WFC 3×3 2024 Day 1 Men – Gallery

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