WFC 3×3 Floorball 2024 – Day 2 Women’s Finals (12th May 2024)

A German team competing for the medal – the effort of the German national team at the 3×3 Floorball WFC debut on the women’s side was absolutely sensational. For the first time since 2012, when the Men’s National Team showed a memorable run in Zurich, a German team made it to the semifinal round of an IFF worldwide top event. In my Day 2 coverage of the women’s matches on 12th May 2024 in Lahti, this one is of course a key focus. But I also have a look into who became first female World Floorball Champion in the new small field discipline.

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WFC 3×3 2024 Day 2 – Women’s Finals

Here are the reports of the two matches I saw:


Sweden – Germany 11-2 (5-2, 6-0)

The German team, in fact a selection of German champion Dümptener Füchse players, showed an impressing and disciplined performance in the tournament. And, at the beginning of the match, the team – especially her captain Anna-Lena Best caused quite some troubles to the massive favorites. Germany even took the lead after a goal by her after two minutes. And when Sweden corrected this “accident”, taking a 2-1, it was Best again who went for the equializer in the fifth minute. However, Sweden did raise the bar, still struggling with the Germans and their very agile goalie Lena Baccus.

Even early in the second period, the German National Team had some chances. However, you could also feel a certain lack of energy after an intense tournament. Within four minutes, Sweden scored seven times. Nonetheless, you have to mention that the Dümpten girls should definitely be very proud of their performance, even though the sensation did not happen to come true.



Sweden: 1 Ellen Westberg, 30 Maja Lindsjö – 4 Emma Heander, 7 Alicia Svensson, 8 Alexandra Terner, 15 Evelina Pettersson, 16 Axina Peterason, 21 Amanda Boric-Svard, 23 Thea Lofborg, 27 Moa Dynefalk

Germany: 99 Lena Baccus – 6 Annika Milena Willingmann, 7 Anna-Lena Best, 11 Winona Jürgens, 13 Riana Mena König, 32 Anne Scheunemann, 36 Laura Goebel, 41 Jana Bornemann


Sweden – Finland Blue 3-4 Pen (2-1, 1-2, x-1 [1-2])

The final was really dramatic. Already in the first minute, Alexandra Terner and Alicia Svensson gave their team a 2-0 lead. Sweden felt to control the match, but Finland gained hopes when Sofie Mittentag had the first successful attempt for the host team. Both teams were caring a lot about not running into a fast attack of the opponent or opening a good scoring opportunity. Nonetheless, the match stayed very attractive, even though there were no more goals.


In the second period, Trener again scored the opening goal. Time was ticking down more and more and as there was not that much pressure on the Swedish goalies, the home crowd somehow struggled with the match. However, 3×3 floorball is so dynamic. With the Natalia Pitakangas goal scored with three minutes left on the clock, you could feel the thrill in the area. Olivia Honkonen added the third goal for her team in the 19th minute, which forced the Swedish team and Finnland into the shoot-out.

What a story that it was Trener who failed in the deciding moment. Suvi Hamalainen needed to score for the world championship – and the SC Classic player did so. Finland became the first-ever world champion in this new form of floorball – which was not undeserved due to their never-ending fighting spirit.



Sweden: 1 Ellen Westberg, 30 Maja Lindsjö – 4 Emma Heander, 7 Alicia Svensson, 8 Alexandra Terner, 15 Evelina Pettersson, 16 Axina Peterason, 21 Amanda Boric-Svard, 23 Thea Lofborg, 27 Moa Dynefalk

Finland Blue: 24 Juulia Kataja, 96 Henrika Maikola – 10 Suvi Hamalainen, 11 Tuulia Lahti, 15 Sofia Mittentag, 21 Iida Mettalä, 28 Olivia Honkonen, 64 Natalia Pitkakangas, 66 Olivia Pietilä


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