WFC U19 Girls 2024: Norway – Sweden 1-16 (0-7, 1-5, 0-4)

The first match of Arena B was the Scandinavian battle between Norway and Sweden. Of course, the yellow and blue dressed team was the clear position of being the favorite – but maybe Norway was at least able to keep up with them for parts of the game? Here are my match facts.


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Norway – Sweden – Match Facts

The short answer to the question above is: almost not! Sweden was just too strong in this match. After just one minute, Nathalia Gustafsson scored the first goal of the match in front of 322 spectators. In the following minutes, there was a bit of Norwegian pressure and offensive play. However, with Lina Eriksson’s goal after 7:16 minutes, the defensive efforts by the underdog turned into a less successful direction. Three more goals in the following some four minutes and two more goals in the first period gave Sweden an impressing 7-0 lead after twenty minutes.

At least, Norwegian could prevent the shut-out. During a delayed penalty, Sol Julia Johansson scored the mentally important goal for her team in the 28th minute. On the other hand, Sweden increased the goal difference by four goals each period. The oods on Sweden winning the tournament definitely did not decrease after their first match.



Norway – Sweden – Lineups

Norway: 1 Alvilde Olsen, 35 Julie Dale Enberg – 2 Pho Rendalsvik, 3 Matilda Maude, 4 Selja Frogner Freng, 5 Eva Marlene Skalslien, 6 Sol Julia Johansen, 7 Josefine Bjercke, 10 Daniela Elfstrand, 11 Filippa Harnlund, 12 Hedda Pjaaka, 15 Marit Lunde Wormstrand, 16 Elge Hegge Olsen, 17 Siri Holter, 18 Trine Einberg, 19 Cornelia Gustafsson, 19 Marte Pedersen, 21 Mia Osterbro Nilsen, 22 Maja Valestrand Gudbrandsen, 25 Amalie Sogaard Tysland

Sweden: 90 Sonya Fredriksson, 30 Louranna Jakobsson – 5 Linnea Hedman, 8 Vera Eriksson, 10 Moa Karestahl, 11 Klara Roos, 12 Vera Roos, 13 Nelly Cerina, 14 Nathalie Gustafsson, 15 Elin Dominicus, 17 Livia Svartvardet, 18 Mira Markstrom, 19 Lina Eriksson, 21 Thea Ernberg, 23 Carolina Peil, 24 Moa Dybner, 63 Julia Nilsson, 72 Isabell Holm, 76 Hanna Loow, 88 Ellen Lundin


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