Songs Of The Week (week of 28 July 2023)

I never know what is really happening when I compose a new episode of my Songs of the Week. Until Friday, I am gathering new releases of that week, then I am potentially cleaning the list, choosing my favorite one and find a suitable order for the remaining songs. Last week, German schlager has been the dominating genre – there is not a single schlager track this time. Therefor, the post is very rocking. Enjoy!


Tyler Childers – In Your Love

The leading song of the week is, however, a very gentle song by Tyler Childers. Tyler Childers? Yearh, you would typically expect the US-American artist from Kentucky in my country music reviews – but this week, he released a beautiful pop ballad with a minimal country touch… but a lot of beautiful emotions.


Untamed – Can You Hear Me

Typically, you know the German band Untamed from Augsburg because they record smashing rock songs. Their single release Can You Hear Me shows a very different, emotional side of the band. And it is a great listen. There will also be a tour and a self-titled album towards the end of the year.


Louise Lemon – Midsummer Night

On her own bandcamp site, Louise Lemon describes her sound as death gospel. The Swedish artist is trying a new start with an album release in 2024. The sound of the feature single Midsummer Night is definitely promising.


Glen Hansard – The Feast of St. John

The Irish singer-songwriter will be in Germany in August as well as in November this year. The Feast of St. John is a beautiful rock track, which cannot deny a lovely core of Irish folk music.


Tom Klose – All Night

The Northern German artist Tom Klose is doing modern synth pop. I feel it is a great listen, regardless if you like the synth tunes of the 1980’s and 1990’s or if you rather enjoy modern pop music. Thus, I had to share this one with one.


Nadine Fingerhut – Irgendwas ist immer

Irgendwas ist immer is the new single release by German pop singer-songwriter Nadine Fingerhut. She started to play guitar as a teenager and already released three albums since then. The lady from Northern Hesse is about to add a fourth one, Hafen & Meer, which is due to be released in September.


Kytes – Deep Dive

The Kytes are an indie-pop band from Munich. Their sound feels very international – that’s maybe as their producer is from Vienna, but their future album has been mixed and produced in the USA. Love it!


Drahtseilakt – Drahtseilakt

Rather frequently, there are self-titled albums. However, Drahtseilakt even recorded this self-titled song. Drahtseilakt is a duo from Bottrop in the German Ruhrgebiet. Nice pop song with undeniable summer vibes.


Fifty Vinc – Runnin’

Fifty Vinc is mixing rap and hip hop beats with rock elements. Runnin’ is his latest song – I feel it is a really great listen. The project is in fact based in Germany as well.


Ticket to Happiness – Freiheit!

The sound of this Songs of the Week edition stays rocking. The Western German collaboration Ticket to Happiness, however, are doing folk rock. The band lead by Jan Philipp Bäumer released a great sing-a-long this week. Not too surprisingly, they are playing quite a lot of festivals this summer.


Callider – Short Steps

This week’s edition features a lot of German bands. One of them is Callider from Nuremberg. It is a one-man death metal project driven by guitarist Stefan Lange. A great listen for the friends of harder riffs.


Dust Bolt – I Witness

My list of new releases sticks with metal – and it stays in Southern Germany. Dust Bolt are from Landsberg am Lech. The thrash metal band is active since 2006 and thus a very established act in the German music scene. With this new song, Lenny Breuss and his band mates underline their musical quality another time.


Thomas Godoj – Endlos furchtlos

Thomas Godoj won the fifth season of Deutschland sucht den Superstar, the German version of American Idol, in 2008. The German-Polish musician is pursuing a successful music career. Songs like Endlos furchtlos illustrate the key reasons of his success: a great vocal performance and straight, well-written rock songs. Things just cannot go too wrong if you are that talented. His ninth studio album, which is released later this year is simply called Album des Jahres – “Album of the Year”. Let’s see if it pops up in my 2023 Best of postings.



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