Songs Of The Week (week of 3 June 2022)

I am still in the process of recovering from illness – not sure if that had any influence on my music selection this week. I guess that this edition of the Songs of The Week is indeed the most rocking one I ever published – bang your head and enjoy 🙂


Stratovarius – Survive

This week I feature Stratovarius. It is indeed seven years ago since the Finnish symphonic metal band released their last studio album Eternal. A new album is due for September, Survive will be the title track. Promising.


Motionless In White feat. Mick Gordon – Scoring The End Of The World

Metalcore from Pennsylvania – Motionless will release their new album The End Of The World soon – and this one is the cool feature track. Mick Gordon is a composer who has become popular in video game music majorly. Cool collaboration.

Storm – Beautiful Pain

The mastermind behind Storm is Leo Davadi Sundli, a Norwegian artist. The sound is metalcore. I really enjoyed Beautiful Pain, when I received it from a promo agency.


Amon Amarth – Get In The Ring

More metal from Scandinavia – this time from Sweden: Amon Amarth do another really good listen with Get In The Ring. Johan Hegg and his bandmates deliver good songs, as always.


Maggie Rogers – Want Want

Maggie Rogers recently played on the Coachella main stage. Want Want is one of the single releases of her new album Surrender, which will be released in late July. Very interesting track with a characteristic sound. Love it!


Panic! At The Disco – Viva Las Vengeance

Viva Las Vegas – Viva Las Vengeance – the Sin City alternative rockers released a new song – and it is already getting really good stats on the streaming platforms. I love to listen to it as well. Good one.


Jubel feat. Aleyna Tilki – Diamonds

This collaboration of the Swedish producer duo Jubel and Turkish pop star Aleyna Tilki almost made it to the top of my list. Fun pop song, which reminds me of the big Swedish productions of the 1990’s.


Diana Goldberg – Dripping in My Blood

Diana Goldberg is a German pop singer-songwriter, who already gained some popularity. Her debut EP is soon to be released, Dripping in My Blood is already the third single release from it.


Joya Marleen – Next To You

I loved the pop track Next To You from the very beginning I listened to it. What a lovely voice, what a beautiful melody. Joya Marleen’s civil name is Joya Schedler and is coming from St. Gallen, Switzerland. Look forward to listen to more songs of the teenage lady.


Alex Vargaz – Yougazer

Vargaz is a Danish independent pop singer – and his new single release Yougazer is simply a beauty. The keyboard and his voice create such a magical atmosphere. Nostalgic and beautiful.


Lost Frequencies x James Arthur – Questions

Belgian Lost Frequencies collaborates with English James Arthur – the result is the catching listen Questions. Nice rhythmic song, which might not connect to Where Are You Now, but is still a really good one.


PG Roxette (Per Gessle) – The Loneliest Girl In The World

Per Gessle is now releasing songs as PG Roxette. I feel a bit of bad for it, as Gessle did so many really good songs in his solo career and with his bands. I loved Roxette, so I just had to add the song – more an emotional decision than based on facts: The Loneliest Girl In The World is not bad, but rather thin for a “Roxette” release.


Unknown Brain feat. DeathByRomy – Fuck It

There is not too much information available about Unknown Brain: the producer wants to keep its privacy. Nonetheless, he released a couple of really good and successful songs already – and this one with Los Angeles-origin DeathByRomy is another cool blend of different genres.


Tessa & Grimaldo feat. Ivy – A Sunny Day

Tessa is active in music since the early 2010’s. This song is a summer track with a very special touch. Really good one.


AYTUG – Sonne

According to the promotion information, German artist has been part of over 30 TV talent showsSonne is a beautiful summer party pop track. Maybe that’s the break-through!


Wolfgang Petry – Geboren für den Augenblick

In September 2021, Wolfgang Petry released his 70th birthday schlager album Auf das Leben. The German stage legend came back with amazing songs – and still releases singles from that album. Geboren für den Augenblick has not been my favorite in the original review, but it is still a good one, ain’t it?


MEAU – Dat Heb Jij Gedaan

In general, I am very strict about the release date in the Songs of the Week. If a song has been released before as a single or music video officially, I typically remove it from the release list. The wonderful Dat Heb Jij Gedaan by Dutch MEAU has in fact been released in September 2021 already and has almost 50 million streams on Spotify only. Now they promote it to Germany and other countries as well. A bit late, it is such a great one. I just could not delete it.


Lia Joham – Thunderstorm

Lia Joham became famous in German speaking countries as a candidate of the 2018 The Voice show. Now, the Austrian with US passport finally releases her debut single – and Thunderstorm is just such a beauty. Hope you enjoy it as well.


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