Songs Of The Week (week of 31 Dec 2021)

The international music scene is slowly coming back from Christmas break. I listened to a couple of really remarkable releases this week. Nonetheless, the list of the Songs Of The Week is rather pop music-focused. I guess that a wider range of genres will be covered in the following weeks.


Ann Doka – Rooms

The German Ann Doka is such a great and friendly artist. Heading towards her new album, she released Rooms this weekend. Really nice track, which is rather a pop than a country song this time. If you want to learn more about her, what about having a read through our February 2021 interview?


Leopold – James Dean

Leopold was on my long list for album reviews, when she released her album in November 2021. Now, the artist released a new single, James Dean. Very powerful, characteristic sound. Love it.


Leo Rojas – Blinding Lights

Songs of the Week is typically not intending to feature cover versions – but I just liked this very special instrumental edition of the big song by The Weeknd. Hope it makes you smile as well.


Pauline Moser – Roller

Pauline Moser has so far rather been a touring musician. However, she is now also going for some solo releases. A sound between German pop and vocal house. I like this New Year’s Eve 2021 song.


Diana Ezerex – I Know I Can

Diana Ezerex is a German-Nigerian singer-songwriter. In 2021, she released her debut albumI Know I Can, which has been released this weekend, is a really nice soul pop track.


Spectator Bird – Clean Hands

Spectator Bird are a sister folk duo from Shenandoah Valley in Virginia, USA. They feel to steadily grow their career – Clean Hands is a new release I definitely enjoyed listening to.


Robin Bengtsson feat. Victoria Voss – Oh My God

Robin Bengtsson has become famous in Sweden as a participant of the very important Melodifestivalen. This week, he released this beautiful folk-style duet with Victoria Voss.


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