WFC U19 Girls 2024: Sweden – Finland 9-3 (4-1, 3-0, 2-2)

Right after the Czechia vs. Switzerland match, the Under 19 Girls World Floorball Championships hosted the Classico in that sports. Sweden faced hosting Finland in Lahti. Especially in the Under 19 Girls category, Sweden was regarded to be superior, even though they also faced (majorly) a home crowd of 1,407 spectators.

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Sweden – Finland – Match Facts

The first 32 minutes of the match were a Finnish nightmare. You could hardly spot any category in which the host team felt competitive. The Swedish team overpowered the selection of the Finnish Floorball Federation. They were quicker, technically and tactically superior – and also more effective. Only a converted penalty shot by Milla Granlund (16th) gave Finland a bit of home. After these 32 minutes, Sweden lead by 7-1.

Solely the fact what happened thereafter gave the host team hope that a potential rematch in the final could be more pleasing than that Thursday afternoon in Lahti. Simo Lepppanen obviously found the right words in the time-out he took after the seventh goal. The score in the remaining 28 minutes was 2-2. This still was by far not sufficient for a comeback, but at least reduced the shock before a bit.

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Sweden – Finland – Lineups

Sweden: 30 Louranna Jakobsson, 90 Sonya Fredriksson – 5 Linnea Hedman, 8 Vera Eriksson, 10 Moa Karestahl, 11 Klara Roos, 12 Vera Roos, 13 Nelly Cerina, 14 Nathalie Gustafsson, 15 Elin Dominicus, 17 Livia Svartvardet, 18 Mira Markstrom, 19 Lina Eriksson, 21 Thea Ernberg, 23 Carolina Peil, 24 Moa Dybner, 63 Julia Nilsson, 72 Isabell Holm, 76 Hanna Loow, 88 Ellen Lundin


Finland: 1 Julia Saarinen, 31 Sara Vantos – 4 Pinja Suhonen, 5 Jenni Leppanen, 8 Saana Luostarinen,  10 Laura Ktajlisto, 12 Milla Granlund, 15 Miisa Turunen, 16 Veera Markala, 17 Nowa Vetelainen Lindgren, 21 Ella Virtanen, 22 Venla Nouslainen, 24 Bea Taipale^, 25 Ilda Sinkko, 27 Moona Poskiparta, 38 Sanni Kahla, 43 Tanja Parviainen, 56 Janina Rinne, 71 Julia Saarinen, 75 Elsa Holopainen, 87 Ilna Ranne


Sweden – Finland – Gallery

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