Songs Of The Week (week of 29 April 2022)

A week full of music: my Weird Al Yankovic Tour Trip was of course the key event of my last days. I follow the band since the late 1990’s. Next week, I am looking forward to see the wonderful Rock of Ages musical cast again in Grimsey, United Kingdom. Who could be better to lead my Songs Of The Week edition than Don’t stop believin’ band Journey? A lot of rather classic sounds this time.


Journey – You Got The Best of Me

Journey is definitely a band I would love to see live on stage once in a lifetime – not only as their Don’t Stop Believin’ (rather in musical version) is a true Song of My Life.Their new album Freedom is about to be released in July. This single release simply sounds great.


Cornerstone – Private Eyes

This classic rock band is from Austria – ain’t their Private Eyes a perfect second track of this list, right after Journey? Great sound, lead by the British singer Elena Atkinson.


Johnossi – Sunny

I would have likely missed this release by the Swedish act, if I wouldn’t have received it as a recommendation of a friend from the music industry. Intense sound, really cool.


Tom Walker – Serotonin

There is a lot of pop music in my playlist this week. Serotonin is a cool listen by the Scottish artist Tom artist. Amazing voice!


Existent – Willkommen im Untergang

Really great German rock sounds from Hamburg. I received the song from a promotion campaign and really loved it from the first second. I wanna rock – and these guys definitely do!


Dead Star Talk – Winning Team

Dead Star Talk are a German-Danish band. The band members live in Hamburg and CopenhagenWinning Team is a great rocker with a Brit rock heart. Very good listen.


Mike Leon Grosch – Meine Wahl

One of the most intense voices in German schlagerMeine Wahl is an absolute blast by Mike Leon Grosch.


Herbie Frame, INGO, Sarah Lahn feat. The Fold – Light as a Feather

The Fold is the new pop project of Michael Lane, who has been featured a couple of times on already. A collaboration with many artists leading to a great sound.


mxmtoon – victim of nostalgia

Even mxmtoon is doing comparably traditional sounds this week. I more and more love her music – this is another great song by the Californian lady.


Ally Jax feat. U-Jean – Summer Fling

Ally Jax – or Fulya Mercan, which is her civil name, has been competing in some German TV talent shows. Under her alter ego Ally Jax, she is doing pop music – and this one is just a really catching summer pop track to me.


Marnik x Lordnox – Turn The Page

I went for a couple of happy dance pop songs this time – this Italian collaboration is a really nice one. Not a deep thing, but a track which is making you smile.


Nadine Mertens – Highlight

Highlight is just the second single release by Western German artist Nadine Mertens. Straight schlager, but she and her team just does too well in here.


Carolin Kebekus – Alles Gut!

Carolin Kebekus became one of the biggest TV comedians during the last years in Germany. Apart from her precise messages, her wide talent is one of the key factors. Especially as a singer, she had a couple of remarkable recordings already. This song is criticizing that you say that “Everything is fine” – even though there are so many bad things happening.


Martin Stoemmer – Zuhause

Another German artist: Martin Stoemmer is doing this lovely singer-songwriter ballad about Zuhause – “Home”. Great, personal listen.


Christian Theiner – Alles

Christian Theiner is from Southern Tyrol, the German speaking part of Northern Italy. I just loved this great pop production – and felt it is worth that this artist is closing my selection for this week.


Title picture: Journey – Freedom / You Got The Best of Me cover art


Songs of The Week – The Playlist

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