WFC 3×3 Floorball 2024 – Day 2 Men’s Finals (12th May 2024)

On the men’s finals side, I concentrated on two matches of the final 3×3 World Floorball Championships match day. From a German perspective, Team Germany 2 making it two the B Finals was the most interesting match-up. However, the match of the day was of course the Championship Final – and I can already tell you that this one has been memorable.

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WFC 3×3 2024 Day 2 – Men’s Finals

Here are my match reports of the two matches I attended:


USA Red – Germany Team 2 5-4 (4-0, 1-4)

Germany had a terrible first period. The agile US-Americans pushed in a very physically demanding match and by that gained a very comfortable lead after ten minutes. Lucas Packalen, who is playing for FBC Partille in Sweden, thereby scored three times (2nd, 7th, 10th minute). The other goal in the first was scored by Reed Hearns. The German team, built around Berlin players, struggled a lot with that type of game.

However, the intermission did well for Germany. However, time was ticking down and Nick Henning’s ealy goal could be answered by Werner Trost. Especially towards the end of the match, the momentum had changed in favor of the Floorball Deutschland selection, but the burden of trailing by four goals was too high. Finally, Vincent Jordan’s score with 1:05 minutes left to play was the last goal of the match, which saw a couple of minor scuffles and discussions. The party was on the USA Red team, who thus became B World Champion.


USA Red: 95 Trend King – 16 David Hansen, 27 Lucas Packalen, 45 Gino Wilkins, 75 Werner Trost, 79 Mikko Vaha-Vahe, 88 Reed Hearns, 90 Maximiliano Echegaray, 96 Alex Tryborn

Germany Team 2: 1 Tom Nebe, 28 Felix Klein – 33 Maten Bonk, 34 Vincent Jordn, 35 Nick Henning, 36 Christian Keil, 38 Fabio Witte, 40 Jan Kratochvil, 42 Anton Weyrauch, 50 Frederik Bonk


Sweden – Latvia Team 1 9-10 Pen (4-6, 5-3, x-1 [2-3])

Both Latvian teams, who had faced each other in the semifinals, played very intense and fast 3×3 floorball. However, would they have a chance against the tournament favorites? The stands and standing spots around the main rink were packed for this final match. Apart from the yellow-dressed own supporters, Sweden were soon facing a surprisingly strong team and the love for the underdogs by the international floorball community. Just after 21 seconds, Mattis Celms converted a rebound and gave Latvia the lead. They had an ecstatic first period. When Jekabs Keiss scored just five seconds later more or less after the face-off, they felt that they can do it on that Sunday noon match.

Sweden did not feel mentally prepared for that situation. Even a goal by Philip Fox did not give them confidence. Great physical abilities, fast passing and shooting and an outstanding goalie Roberts Trepss paved the road to a potential miracle. After seven minutes, Latvia lead by 5-1 and the spectators around still felt that the scoreboard must be somehow showing something wrong. Even though Sweden could close up the score, Latvia was still in the lead by 6-4 after ten minutes. The ninth minute saw an ugly scene, by the way, when Arvid Ase badly hit Karlis Bitmanis, who took immediate revenge – and was sent off for that violent behavior.


Matiss Celms turns Latvia Into a Floorball Party

Sweden felt more concentrated in the second period. However, even though Latvia was little less effective than in the first ten minutes. they still did their scores. With 1:37 minutes left to play, Filip Wramdemark tied the score for the first time since the first Latvian goal. When Oscar Johansson even gave Sweden their very first lead thirteen seconds thereafter foorball felt to turn into the good, old story that the victory in this sports is finally on the Swedes. However, Celms did not feel to like these kind of traditions. With eight seconds left on the clock, he hammered the ball right into the Swedish team‘s net and thus made the spectators party “their beloved” underdog.

With that 9-9 score after regular match time, the first male 3×3 Floorball World Champion title in the history of the sports had to be decided by a shoot-out. After two successful attempts on each side, it was the four time scorer in this match, Swedish captain Wramdemark, who failed against Trepss. With Jekabs Keiss being successful, the upset in one of the thrilling floorball matches I ever would be in the books. His shot just hit the post, but then jumped behind the goal line from the foot of the Swedish goalie. The crowd was shouting for Latvija, while the Scandinavians set at their bench, stunned, even minutes after the match


Sweden: 1 Leo Torell Hagstrom, 30 Sebastian Johansson – 5 Filip Wramdemark, 8 Oscar Johansson, 8 Melker Hemmingberg, 10 Emil Jacobsson, 11 Samuel Folkesson Algman, 14 Arvid Ase, 15 Hannes Nyström, 19 Philip Fox

Latvia Team 1: 69 Roberts Trepss – 4 Juris Zilberts, 5 Kristers Babris, 8 Jekabs Keiss, 13 Markuus Dumpis, 15 Matiss Celms, 17 Karlis Bitmanis, 21 Davis Zemelis 33 Ingars Matisons


WFC 3×3 2024 Medal Ceremonies

Ater this dramatic match, the medal celebrations took place. Here are some impressions – you will also find more of them in the gallery (see below). I did not cover the B-Final on the Women’s side, which has been won by the Polish team. The Women’s Championship Final was had been won by the Finnish National Team over Sweden:


WFC 3×3 2024 Men’s Finals- Gallery

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