Songs Of The Week (week of 17 Dec 2021)

Every week, I am scanning hundreds of new releases, albums and singles, to pick the right (and sometimes: the wrong) releases for my postings. Especially on the single release side, there are a lot of songs, which I like, but finally cannot use, as they neither fit into my playlists or in any other format. Thus, I decided to try out something new in times, where there are generally less releases: the Songs Of The Week. Songs which I just enjoyed to listen and which felt to be worth sharing with you. Regardless of the genre. Looking forward to you feedback if you like this format or not.


Andre Sinner – Europa (hilft nicht)

A very strong statement by the German artist: while we are complaining about rather small limitations of our live, other people suffer from much bigger issues. “Europe (is not helping)” is a really impressive one.


Lordi – Demon Supreme

The Lordiversity rolls on: this week, my favorite monsters Lordi released a new single, Demon Supreme from the Spooky Sextravaganza Spectacular album. Some good stuff for hard rock lovers.


Natalia Pearson – Everywhere

Australian country pop meets Fleetwood Mac: I felt that this new single by Natalia Pearson is a nice option for this posting. I really enjoy her energetic cover. And if you listen carefully, there is also a short musical greeting to Janet Jackson. Cool song.


Emma Elisabeth – Heart On A String

A Swedish singer-songwriter who is now living in Berlin. I ran into her song by scanning new releases – and later received the same song from a promotion company. Really good stuff, loved to listen to this song.


Stereoact feat. Lena Marie Engel – Offline

I absolutely disliked Stereoact’s album #Schlager – but this collaboration with Lena Marie Engel is really nice German schlager with a big pop touch. Cool new release.


Davina Michelle – HYPER

A really cool and powerful release. A Dutch singer and YouTuber, who also sang during the intermission of the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. In her home country she already had three number one single and made eleven platinum records – this one could be a step towards making it big in other countries.


Linda Elsener & ELIF – How to Fall in Love

The German The Voice TV talent show finals are happening this Sunday – and the contestants all released singles with their coaches. I picked two of them for my list. Really a lovely energetic track from Linda Elsener in here…



Katarina Mihaljevic & Sarah Connor – Girl In A Big Shirt

… and another really cool song by Katarina Mihaljevic, who is supported by Sarah Connor. Good stuff, indeed.


Jan-Marten Block – Unendlich

Jan-Marten Block’s victory at Deutschland Sucht den Superstar, the German equivalent to American Idol, finally even lead me to publish a blog posting. A lot of strange things happened towards the end of the season. Honestly, I did not expect to listen to too many songs from Jan-Marten – but with this one (“Infinite”), he again illustrates his great musical talent.


Brunhilde – House of the Rising Sun

Not really in line with the original by The Animals – but German rock lady Brunhilde does a really powerful version of this classic. She made me smile and enjoy her version – how do you like it?


Title picture: Brunhilde – House of the Rising Sun single cover


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