Songs Of The Week (week of 10 February 2023)

Ireland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, the Netherlands, USA, Canada – and of course Germany lay ahead of me for the next five weeks. Majorly the Weird Al Yankovic Tour 2023 is bringing me to some spots in Europe, before I have my annual Pittsburgh Penguins trip. This week’s best new single release list, though, has quite a lot of German, Austrian and Swiss artists. The range of genres is quite wide again, though. Hope you especially love my favorite pick just as much as I do.


Mael & Jonas – All my Songs

I had a couple of really good songs, which would have deserved to be on top of my list – but all of them had one problem: there was also a great one. The duo from Koblenz, South of Bonn, got quite some fans in 2020, when they finished third at the German The Voice version. On 10th March 2023, they will release a new album – All my Songs lets us look forward to it so damned much, I feel.


Pat Burgener – Days Like This

I guess that more people know Pat Burgener as a Swiss Olympic snowboard athlete. However, this pop song with a nice folk touch illustrates: this guy is not only close to medals in sports. I love his new release Days Like This – if you like, there will be an album release in later March 2023.


Dawnbreaker – Carrotlanddirtprogrock

Say the title of this sound loud. Three times. Okay, the track is not as complicated as the title might sound alike. The Swiss band is active since 1999 – and this new rock single release feels very mature and straight to me as well. Good one.


Nino de Angelo – Mein Kryptonit

When I reviewed his great album Gesegnet und Verflucht in February 2021, I feared that it will be his last major release. But German pop artist Nino de Angelo is still standing his serious lung disease COPD. The result is not only the brand-new single Mein Kryptonit, but also a new album, which is expected on 12th May 2023. This guy is simply amazing.


Bobby Lies – The Drugs That I Do

This week, I feature quite a lot of rock songs. This track also has a touch of indie and punk. Bobby Lies is another The Voice of Germany contestant, he even made it into the finals in there. Nowadays living in Berlin, he is originally from Wuppertal in Germany. Great sound.


Bird’s View – Lay Down

Bird’s View is a German rock band from Rodgau in Hesse. After having released two EPs, they are now aiming for their debut album, which is going to be released within the next months.


Manowar – Laut und Hart Stark und Schnell

USA greets Germany – right before the New York metal band Manowar is on the road with the Crushing The Enemies Of Metal Anniversary Tour, they release this musical greetings with some German words. Of course, this definitely qualifies for a song nomination.


Betontod – Nie mehr St. Pauli ohne Dich

This German punk rock song is an homage to Hamburgs borough St. Pauli, the party and red light of the large German city. However, the band Betontod is from Rheinberg in the German Ruhrgebiet region. One of the most catching releases this week.


Suzann – Overlove

Unfortunately, I don’t know too much about the German pop artist Suzann, apart from this song. Nice track with a slight rock touch.


The BossHoss feat. Ilse DeLange – You

The lineup of this song feels like a perfect German-Dutch collaboration in country music. If you look at the video preview, it also feels like this could be a great one for my other playlists… But in fact, You is a bloody pop song. A nice one, though. Nonetheless, I feel a bit disappointed.


Leolixl – Du & Ich

Leolixl is also the name of the YouTube channel of this Frankfurt artist. Her songs gained a certain level of popularity – and this track nicely illustrate the reason. Very nice German pop song.


Katha Pauer – Boxes

Katha Pauer released her debut single in December 2022. Now the young lady is back with Boxes. Cool, modern German pop. By the way, if you feel that you know the voice from somewhere – Pauer has released English lyrics tracks as Kadie in the past.


Pia-Sophie – Gib mir mehr

Pia-Sophie has been a candidate at Deutschland sucht den Superstar, the German equivalent to American Idol. She is focusing on a schlager career, even though her song has a nice pop touch as well. The voice feels a bit too thin to me in here, but overall I like the song.


David Blabensteiner – Herzklopfn

David Blabensteiner is an Austrian composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. He won the domestic music TV show Herz von Österreich. This amazing piano ballad proofs, why this must have been a really straight and easy choice.


Manuel Spitzer – Augenblick der Zeit

The Austrian artist Manuel Spitzer releases one of the most beautiful songs this week. The pop-rock ballad Augenblick der Zeit comes with an extremely catching vocal performance. Great listen.


Jason Derulo & David Guetta – Saturday/Sunday

The US pop star Jason Derulo and French producer David Guetta recorded this song. The result is just what you would expect: a ryhthmic, very present pop track with clubbing and radio potential.


Shy Martin – Late Night Thoughts

Shy Martin is a female electro pop singer-songwriter. Her civil name rather hints from which country she is coming from: Shy Martin is in fact named Sarah Hjellström and from Sweden. Beautiful electronic ditty.


Roland Hefter – Genderpolizei

Roland Hefter is a actor, member of the city parliament of Munich… and musician. I just could not stand not to share this one. In general, I support to gender-neutralize language. However, the typical suggestions are rather nonsense and don’t lead to a sensible grammar. Roland Hefter perfectly illustrates that in a nicely, ironic track – which even has an undeniable country music heart.


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