Comfort Hotel Malmö

Comfort Hotel Malmö

1,180 SEK


3.9/5 Pros

  • Excellent location and beautiful building
  • Nice staff
  • Good breakfast Cons

  • Weird work desk
  • Room too dark

Due to a rather late cancellation of the Condor connection between Frankfurt Airport (FRA) and Akureyri Airport (AEY) made me adjust my travel plans significantl in May 2023. Finally, I ended up in Malmö in Sweden instead of Akureyri in Northern Iceland. I had been in the city for floorball and some concerts quite frequently in the past, so I was looking forward to back there. For the one night stay, I opted for a typical rail station hotel and slept at the Comfort Hotel Malmö.


Comfort Hotel Malmö – Location

The hotel is located in the Nyhamnen (“New Harbor”) area right North of the Main Rail Station. From the Northern exit of the station, it is a three minute walk to the hotel, which is operating in an amazing historic building. The train station offers excellent traffic connections, including to Copenhagen and Copenhagen Airport (CPH) via the Öresundstag (Öresund Train) using the bridge between Sweden and Denmark. The train station also offers local trains and connections to major cities like Gothenburg and Stockholm. In case you come by car, there is also a large public garage not too far away. Malmö also features an own airport, but air travel is very likely via Copenhagen (CPH) – you are even quicker there than at Malmö (MMX)..

The area features a lot of restaurants and shops. Some of the services are located in the train station. You also just have a short walk from Comfort Hotel Malmö to the Old Town of Malmö and to other key attractions of the city.


Comfort Hotel Malmö – Room

I had a one night stay at the Comfort Hotel Malmö, Friday to Saturday in May 2023. The room rate for a standard double room, refundable, was 1,180 SEK, roughly 102 Euro. The room had a really weird location, the room was inside the stairwell of the historic building. However, as people typically did not use the stairs, it was rather quiet. Unfortunately, the level of light in the living and sleeping room was too low (which might not be fully reflected in the pictures). I finally even kept my bathroom door open, as the illumination in there was signfiicantly better. Another pain point was the working area next to the door with the barstool-alike seat. The area where you place your feel on has just been a thin metal bar – which is okay, when you wear shoes, but very uncomfortable if you just have socks or similar.

In addition to the much better light in the bathroom, the sanitary place was really nice. The shower area was a typical Scandinavian design, which also means that there is a high potential that the whole floor is wet after showering. A floor mat or a squeegee for the floor would have helped a lot. Amenities were provided in dispensers. The whole room was absolutely clean.


Comfort Hotel Malmö – Breakfast

Especially compared to other places in Scandinavia, the breakfast at Comfort Hotel Malmö was a really nice experience. Everything was well organized, including the service in the rather large buffet and dining area. The hotel hat some nice warm dishes like typical Scandinavian pancakes and a good selection of bread. I would have loved to have a larger variety of fruit and similar items – but I was very pleased with the hotel’s performance in that regard.


Comfort Hotel Malmö – Service

The staff was very kind, even though I was not fully sure they really recorded by comments about the light and the seat at the work desk at check out. The hotel has a couple of offers to distract yourself, including games like a table tennis table. This overall leads to a very relaxed atmosphere, also at the Barception bar and reception area. I did not manage to have a look inside the hotel gym, unfortunately. WiFi in the hotel went absolutely well. A very funny service is that there is a machine allowing you to rent an umbrella for 48 hrs. If you keep it for longer, they automatically deduct the price for the accessory from your credit card account.


Comfort Hotel Malmö – My View

Staying at the Comfort Hotel Malmö is not a night you remember for the rest of you life. But they do a really solid job. I don’t understand the limited light in my hotel room, though, which is the key reason that the rating is not at a very high level. Still, especially in case you need the points or nights for your Choice Hotel account, a really nice stay.


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