Songs Of The Week (week of 21 Jan 2022)

I am still evaluating whether the Songs Of The Week are an interesting format for you. While the first postings got some positive feedback, this is fading more and more. After two very intense weeks after the Christmas break, I feel that the number of publications is decreasing again. Here are songs which just made my week this time.


Curtis Stigers – You’re All That Matters To Me (Jazz Version)

Won’t happen too often that I feature jazz – but this guy clearly deserves it. Curtis Stigers has recorded so many great ones in his life. Nowadays, he is more in that genre and is about to release His Hits and Classics Revisited on 25th February 2022 as jazz versions. Here is one of his appetizers… And I just have to say, I am really curious about the other tracks on the album.


Papa Roach – Stand Up

From jazz to rock: Papa Roach are back with a new song. Stand up feels and sounds like Papa Roach – so I give a clear thumbs up to this release. Like it!


Hatchie – Quicksand

Another really interesting release towards an album: I really like this synth-pop style by the young Australian, who will release her new album Giving The World Away in April 2022. So far, I smile while listening to the lead single Quicksand.


The Baboon Show – Have a Party with me

Songs Of The Week features very different styles of music – this is powerful rock again. Fun music with great lyrics. Love these Swedish tunes – it’s rock’n’roll without a doubt.


Band of Horses – Lights

Band of Horses are a US alternative rock band, who will release their next album in March. Cool sound, which also has some sort of traditional style to me. Love ti.


Sonia Liebing – Spuren der Liebe

The German schlager release of the week to me was Sonia Liebing’s Spuren der Liebe (“Traces of Love”). A really modern sound towards pop music. Hope you enjoy, too.


GAYLE – ur just horny

Some representation of Music City – GAYLE is doing cool rock-pop and is from Nashville. There is a touch of Avril Lavigne in this song. You just wanna be my friend // You just wanna see me naked again. That’s the “E” button in the US – and a smile and a feature on


Nanee – Frei Sein

A really nice German guitar pop song. Naneé is from Northern Germany and used to be part of a cover band, before she decided to go solo. Sounds like a great decision.


Hätzblatt – Einfach nur danze

Just felt to add some local music this week: I love this Cologne German song – not too surprisingly, because one of the people behind the track is one of the city’s finest, Björn Heuser, whom I photographed during a concert in Bonn in 2020. Really good one.


Jack Pott – WTS

WTS menas nothing but Wir tanzen scheisse, which you can roughly translate with “Our dancing sucks”. It is a party song with a touch of punk rock. Not the deepest lyrics of the week, but a fun track.


Title: Curtis Stigers – You’re All That Matters To Me single cover


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