CC 2019: SB-Pro Nurmijärvi – 1. SC TEMPISH Vitkovice 4-5 SD (2-0, 1-4, 1-0, 0-1)

Two days, two matches for each team to win the title – I already summed up the compressed route to become to world’s top club team in my Champions Cup Preview. The first match of the first matchday – call it semifinal or qualifying round – was played between Finnish Women Champion SB-Pro Nurmijärvi and 1. SC TEMPISH Vitkovice. SB-Pro is one of my favorite teams and the team which made me travel to Gävle. Just three months after I saw their home opener against Kovee, they had some personal changes, including the surprising comeback of Elina Kujala. Czech champion Vitkovice was the underdog in this match, but had some strong players to watch out for.

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SB-Pro vs. Vitkovice – Match Report

Vitokovice had a good start in the match. There was definitely no difference between the teams. Tiltu Siltanen even had more saves in the first period than Nikola Prileska, who got hit very early in the first period. The difference in first period was efficiency, though: Heidi Lirkki converted a nice pass by Ina Leminen after ten minutes. Her sister Jana gave the 2-0 intermission lead in the 17th minute after confusion in the Czech defense.











The second period started with an early Vitkovice goal. Alzbeta Durikova was free on the long goal post after 19 seconds to close up the score. It was the beginning of a stunning battle. With Barbora Huskova on the sin bin, Justyna Krzywak scored a classic short-handed fast breaker in the 27th minute. That tied the score. Two minutes later, Slovak Zuzana Sponiarova even gave the first lead to Vitkovice. Huskova put herself on the score sheet on the 35th minute, leading to a 4-0 score of the second period. Karoliina Kujala gave a bit more pleasing result to SB-Pro, when she deflected a Jenni Rautanen shot right in the slot. 3-4 after 40 minutes.













Vitkovice continued on their run in the third period. The match was tight again, sometimes a bit nervous. The only goal of the final 20 minutes of regular match time was scored by Mirja Hietamäki in the 45th minute tipping in a long pass by her sister Laura. Despite chances for both teams the match went more or less straight to the overtime. The decisive shot was taken by Dominika Buczek, who was completely free on the right wing with only few meters to Siltanen. She took a direct flat one after a pass by Veronika Enekelova to seal the glory. Viktovice advances to the finals, while SB-Pro has to play the Place 3 Match on Day 2.





















SB-Pro vs. Vitkovice – My View of the Match

There were too many defensive mistakes by SB-Pro and an impressive spread of talent on the Czech side. Vitkovice made use of the chances SB-Pro gave them and deserved to advance to the finals. Thereby, the overtime winner is just too symptomatic for the whole match. Buczek was just by far too free and took her chance. Bronze Medal match is not what SB-Pro expected, it will be interesting to see how they will take that challenge.


SB-Pro vs. Vitkovice – Lineups

SB-Pro Nurmijärvi: 35 Tiltu Siltanen, 99 Ira Moilanen – 5 Silja Eskelinen, 8 Jaana Lirkki, 12 Heidi Lirkki, 13 Meri-Hemli Hoynala, 14 Jenni Torkki, 18 Elina Kujala, 19 Karoliina Kujala, 20 Anu Raatevaara, 22 Laura Hietamäki, 24 Niina Ahola, 25 Nita Heino, 26 Nea Suominen, 33 Mirja Hietamäki, 42 Jenni Rautanen, 66 Melina Rissanen, 77 Emma Itanen, 83 Emmi Lindh

1. SC TEMPISH Vitkovice: 37 Nikola Prileska, 73 Petra Kleckova – 2 Alzbieta Durikova, 3 Sarka Bolova, 4 Michaela Kubeckova, 5 Marketa Kolarova, 9 Lenka Novotna, 13 Jana Troskova, 16 Zuzana Sponiarova, 17 Katerina Peterkova, 19 Veronika Enenkelova, 22 Sara Seevaldova, 25 Ivana Supakova, 26 Barbora Huskova, 44 Lucie Thiemerova, 48 Eliska Plankova, 50 Dominika Buczek, 68 Lucie Suchanova, 69 Justyna Krzywak, 71 Tereza Mikulova


SB-Pro vs. Vitkovice – Gallery

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