Songs Of The Week (week of 02 June 2023)

Due to my recent illness, I have to reduce my travel activity in June significantly. Nonetheless, there will be ten Rock of Ages shows on my list for this month. The list of new releases I like is comparably short, but has a nice range of different sounds. Enjoy!


Tomas de Niero – Hallo Herr Kommissar

Originally, this song is part of a soundtrack to a book, Der Notar. The book deals about a male main character, who is believing to be reborn and traveling to India. The author of the book and artist behind Hallo Herr Kommissar is Tomas de Niero, civil name Tomas Friedrich, who was born in the G.D.R., but flew to West Berlin at the ge of 16. The song reminds me of Falco’s classic Der Kommissar – however, only the title and coolness are comparable.


Extreme – Other Side of the Rainbow

The last single release before the album release of Six – Extreme are about to publish their long play next week. The final appetizer is promising – the press information is already full of band statements, why Six will be great. So far, the band from Boston just released a new one, Other Side of the Rainbow.


Blue Moon – A Little On The Side

Blue Moon is an international project. The German producer Horst Lemke, based in Lahstedt near Braunschweig is one part of the project, he is collaborating with Los Angeles-based Till Kahrs. They have quite a long list of songs they wrote together already – A Little On The Side is a nice proof of quality.


Bourbon Boys – Shitkicker

Rock, fun, a bit of folk and a touch of country: the Bourbon Boys from Sweden definitely released the song with the highest partying potential of the week to me. Hope you smile with me as well.


Die Draufgänger – Geh Manuela

I especially loved the Draufgänger era with singer Katharina Weiß. However, the Austrian party band consolidated. Their latest release Geh Manuela, a Solarkreis cover, definitely makes me smile as well. Thanks for this one, guys!


Cian Ducrot – Heaven

From Austria to Ireland: Heaven is a single release towards the debut album of the 25 year old multi instrumentalist and singer. Victory will be available from 21st July 2023.  Promising artist (who already had a Top 10 song in Ireland), indeed.


AnNa R. – Chaos & Symmetrie

Another new release by the former Rosenstolz singer AnNa R.: Chaos & Symmetrie (“Chaos and Symmetry”) is already the third single release towards her new album König:In. Sounds promising.

Paso Doble – Vogelfrei

It’s already quite a while ago since I reviewed the album Urknall by the German 1980’s legends. They are also working towards a new a new album. The more I listen to it, the more I feel to observe similarities to Atemlos by German schlager goddess Helene Fischer.


Höösch – Egal was

This song has a nice 1980’s / 1990’s touch. The band Höösch is in fact from my home town Cologne. Great new song.


Mike Leon Grosch – Keiner darf dich sehen

Another release by the former German talent show contestant. Mike Leon Grosch is simply doing beautiful tracks with a nice German schlager touch. His latest Keiner Darf Dich sehen is another one on that list.


Zierkuss – Gleis 8

The band name ready a but like the German word for “Circus”, but in fact means something like “Decorative Kiss”. The song is also mainly featuring a kiss, even though the title is “Platform 8”. Unfortunately, I don’t have any bio information about the project.


King & Potter – Back To Summer

King & Potter are a pop act from Vienna. The song with German and English lyrics has a really lovely touch and has some summer hit potential.


Sun Kidz – Rave Without You Now

The list of songs was already closed… But then there was Rave Without You Now. The story of the song is hilarious. The mastermind behind the Sun Kidz is Matthias Schwarzer. The journalist is majorly well-known for his YouTube channel, which features Lost places and location of classic movie recording (including places like Wham’s Last Christmas music video). His latest video simply stated “I think I produced a 1990’s rave song. And it feels more 1990’s than many songs of that decade. Even I love it!



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