CC 2019: Women’s Place 3: SB-Pro Nurmijärvi – Piranha Chur 5-3 (2-1, 0-1, 3-1)

The matchup for the Women Bronze Medal match was quite unexpected, but also very interesting. After SB-Pro did not manage to win their semifinal vs. Vitkovice, they now had to face the Swiss champion Chur to at least reduce the trouble. Four SB-Pro players, Tiltu Siltanen, Silja Eskilinen (injured) and of course the Kujala twins had already played for the Grisons team, which added some story to the match. On the other hand, Chur played two pleasing periods against the IKSU  titans in the semifinals. Maybe, they could continue that streak against the next Scandinavian opponent.

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SB-Pro vs. Piranha – Match Report

SB-Pro pressure? Not at the very beginning. The Finnish played a solid defense and gave Piranha the opportunity to play. Piranha had some good chances and checked Siltanen’s skills. However, it was Jill Münger who had to take the ball out of her net first. Just after some good Piranha chances – Alessandra Schneller was free in front of the net twice – Heidi Lirkki scored from central position in the 14th minute. Before that, only a SB-Pro power play after a Chiara Rensch Incorrect Distance gave a longer Scandinavian attack. In the 17th minute, Nicole Capatt was free in central position and scored the deserved tie. The Swiss were the better team in the first 20 minutes, but did not deliver. On the other side, Nea Suominen hammered the ball right below the crossbar with 17 seconds to play. Maybe not too deserved, but effective.









Piranha back on Track after 40 Minutes

The second period has been not that different. However, Piranha now took more shooting opportunities and tested their former teammate Siltanen in twelve situations. Only Seraina Ulber made it on the scoresheet though, converting a Corin Rüttimann pass in the 34th minute. Flurina Marti had to go to the bench for an Obstruction penalty with three minutes left to play, but SB-Pro did not check Münger significantly. Thus, the second intermission score was a tied 2-2.










Siltanen seals it – Tough Loss for Chur

With quite a lot of scoring opportunities on both sides and chances for both goalies to show their skills, the third period finished the match in style. Heidi Lirkki took the lead for SB-Pro in the 48th minute at delayed penalty. After a tripping in midfield, Jaana Lirkki gave a precise pass to her sister in the slot, who did her second one. Right thereafter, Margit Scheidegger had a great chance to tie again. Even after Laura Hietamäki increased the lead to two goals in the 51st minute, Chur did not stop putting pressure on the SB-Pro goal. Ulber took profit of defensive struggle when neither Siltanen nor her defenders could control the ball in the 54th. The Swiss even increased the pressure on the Finnish goal, but Siltanen was very strong now and deserved to take the Best player award home. Münger was back in her net, when Jaana Lirkki sealed the final score with a fast break at five seconds left on the clock to give a pleasing finish of SB-Pro’s campaign to Gävle.












SB-Pro vs. Piranha – My View of the Match

It’s definitely worth to wake up early at the Gävle Champions Cup. Both SB-Pro matches gave thrilling floorball from the first til the very last second. The Finnish had another tough job, but this time, they made it. Chur did a great match on that Friday morning and proofed a not-that-big difference between the Finnish and the Swiss league. They were the better team, but wasted too many chances. Nevertheless, the Scandinavian talent still feels to be superior in that deciding way in that kind of battle. SB-Pro just seems to be strong in these matches nowadays, as they also illustrated in the 2018 Superfinal.


SB-Pro vs. Piranha – Lineups

SB-Pro Nurmijärvi: 35 Tiltu Siltanen, 99 Ira Moilanen – 5 Silja Eskelinen, 8 Jaana Lirkki, 12 Heidi Lirkki, 13 Meri-Hemli Hoynala, 14 Jenni Torkki, 18 Elina Kujala, 19 Karoliina Kujala, 20 Anu Raatevaara, 22 Laura Hietamäki, 24 Niina Ahola, 25 Nita Heino, 26 Nea Suominen, 33 Mirja Hietamäki, 42 Jenni Rautanen, 66 Melina Rissanen, 77 Emma Itanen, 83 Emmi Lindh

Piranha Chur: 1 Jill Münger, 36 Corinne Waldburger – 3 Luisa Cotti, 5 Catrina Cotti, 6 Sanni Nieminen, 7 Mari Aanerud, 12 Margit Scheidegger, 13 Alessandra Schneller, 15 Livia Danuser, 16 Nicole Carpatt, 17 Luana Rensch, 21 Corin Rüttimann, 22 Seraina Ulber, 23 Chiara Rensch, 24 Flurina Marti, 27 Sereina Buchli, 61 Katrin Zwinggi, 88 Geraldine Rossier, 96 Chiara Gredig, 98 Lina Wieland



SB-Pro vs. Piranha – Gallery

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