Songs Of The Week (week of 21 July 2023)

While I had quite an intense week in regards of scanning country music new releases, the German and international music market apart from this genre did not give me too many nice listens. Nonetheless, there are some – and it also allowed me to have a more relaxed trip to Krakow, Poland, this weekend. Here are my favorite new releases of the music week ending on 21st July 2023.


Versengold – Wir feiern den Norden

Folk rock from Bremen – Versengold is active since twenty years now. The title of their new single translates to “We celebrate the North” – and this song is indeed sounding like maritime life, shanty and fun. Wir feiern den Norden is also teasing a new album, Lautes Gedenken.


Marty Kessler – Zwischen Sanddorn und Dünen

Maybe it is about the stereotypical elements of country music – but I simply do have a certain crush for artists praising their home. Marty Kessler released this schlager-pop track about the Schleswig-Holstein Southern Baltic Sea Coast region. Good fit: Kessler is originally from Grömitz, right in this area.


Mike Leon Grosch – Katapult

Not praising home – but still some more schlager. Since Mike Leon Grosch made it to the finals of the 2005/06 edition of Deutschland sucht den Superstar (German American Idol), the Wuppertal singer established in the German music scene. His signature element is his amazing voice. Simply love listening to his songs.


Die Draufgänger feat. Stefan Rauch – Feuerwehr (Baby, i bin von der …)

The Austrians Die Draufgänger made it to my Songs of the Week several times already. Not too surprisingly – these guys are a great party schlager band. This time they state that they are firefighters. Great sing-a-long chorus.


Saskia Leppin – So wie Musik

Saskia Leppin started as a musical actress, but is nowadays an established artist in the German schlager scene. Quite a lot of songs of this genre I liked in this week – hope you enjoy the songs as well, even if you don’t speak German. I definitely enjoyed this song by the Hamburg-origin artist, who is nowadays located in the Ruhrgebiet.


ela. – Nochmal so tun

ela. (full name: Ela Steinmetz) started as the lead singer of Elaiza, but is nowadays recording modern German pop. This song is praising good previous experiences. The song is teasing the album Es ist immer jemand wach (“There is always somebody awake”), which will be released mid-August 2023. ela is touring Germany in October as well.


Sera – Best Friend

758k followers on Instagram only – Sera is definitely already a star in her home country, the Netherlands. The beautiful, groovy style of Best Friend together with her lovely voice is illustrating why this is the case. Great song.


Iggy – Met Yet

Iggy’s full name is Ignacio Uriarte. However, you might rather know him as Lions Head. The New York City artist already had quite a some success. Now he is releasing music under another alter ego. And it is still a cool pop sound.


James Hersey – Can’t Say No

The next song is by a US-American artist as well. James Hersey is however nowadays living in Vienna and also has the Austrian citizenship. Very cool, groovy song. There will be a European tour in October.


100 Kilo Herz feat. Nicholas Müller – Keine Zeit für Angst

100 Kilo Herz is a rock band from Leipzig. For this version of Keine Zeit für Angst, they join forces with Jupiter Jones singer Nicholas Müller. The result is a great listen. Could be a nice option for your next rock party.


Bülent Ceylan – Lieder gegen Nazis

One of the strongest messages of the week is in fact released by a German comedian. Bülent Ceylan states “There are never too many songs against Nazis”. Great political message by the Mannheim artist, who is by the way doing a cool punk-rock song in here.


Alice Cooper – White Line Frankenstein

The upcoming Alice Cooper album Road (release 25th August 2023) feel to be really promising, if you listen to the feature singles. The Detroit-origin singer is so dark, so dirty, so rocking. Just about a month until we can listen to all the songs.


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