Songs Of The Week (week of 06 January 2023)

Welcome to the first Songs of the Week posting in 2023! Despite the music industry is slowly getting back to business, I just featured two albums this weekend, Every Loser by Iggy Pop and Anti-Flag’s Lies They Tell Our Children. Thus, I release this posting on a Saturday already – I strongly guess that from next week, I will rather be back on Sundays with my presentation of new single releases of the week. Enjoy my overview of songs as of 6th January 2023.


Riku Rajamaa – Hold Me Close

Riku Rajamaa is a 1975-born musician from Helsinki. Most of you will likely know the Finnish artist as the lead guitarist and second vocalist of Sunrise Avenue. Riku is now going solo – and Hold Me Close sounds like a great step.


Bell Book & Candle – Fight or Flight

Okay, I give in: I loved Jana Groß. And I loved her band Bell Book & Candle. They had a great hit in Germany with Rescue Me, but finally could neither connect to that huge success nor really keep the band running for a too long time thereafter. But there are cool news from Berlin: the band is back. And they sound like Bell Book & Candle… And I love it! Unfortunately, I cannot add the song to the playlist – the release / promotion strategy is a bit of misleading from my perspective.


The Cumberland River Project feat. Chloe Edgecombe – If The Sky Falls Down

Needless to mention that I love this guy as well: Frank Renfordt is doing another great listen with his The Cumberland River Project. Another track which is rather pop-alike. But this guy is simply telling fantastic stories in music.


Leif Bent – Roses

Burn the fucking roses – this does not really sound like a happy love song. Nonetheless, the Instagram account of the German pop artist states “fuck drugs, take love”. Life does not seem to be too bad.


Sarah Bugar – I Have A Dream

I found so many things which Sarah Bugar is doing: she is photographer and videogrpaher, model, hairdresser… and is doing music. And I love listening to her song, which is using the famous Martin Luther King quote intentionally, thinking about the war against the Ukraine. Impressive song.


Alexander Eder – Bis zu den Sternen

Whenever this guy is releasing a song, you find it in my Songs of the Week almost certainly: Austrian Alexander Eder is just an amazing artist. He was recently part of my Favorite Songs of the Year 2022 – did he, by the way, listen a bit too much to the Bloodhound Gang before he wrote the chorus?


Davina Michelle – Heartbeat

Dutch artist Davina Michelle is going for the triple. I already featured her in my Songs of the Week editions as of 9th September 2022 and in my very first edition in December 2021. Great sound, I really enjoy listening to her easy pop vibes.


Milou – Lass mich los

The promotion of Milou’s latest single is rather ecstatic – and some schlager websites copied that quote as well. I would not really state that the young lady is defining a new style between schlager and pop – but it is simply a great listen.


Eloy de Jong – True Colors

After his album Lass das Leben Musik sein, Eloy de Jong is active again and covers the Cindy Lauper classic. A good (and a bit too stereotypical) schlager song.


Pascal Letoubion feat. Ilira – Time after Time

No, this is not another Cindy Lauper cover. This collaboration is truly international: Pascal Letoublon is a French producer, Ilira is adding her lovely voice to this dance pop track. She was born in Switzerland, has Albanian ancestors and most of the time lives in the United Kingdom. Great work.


Liozot feat. Sofiloud – Diamond Sky

Liozot is a German music project. For Diamond Sky, they work with Sofiloud, who is a Norwegian artist from Lillehammer. Very nice pop song.


The Dark Tenor – Paradox

The Dark Tenor is an Austrian artist from Graz. He initially has been able to hide his civil identity, but there is now more and more known about him. Great voice, great sound.


Jim Mertens – Störung im System

Jim Mertens does a rock-pop sound, which strongly reminds of German tracks of the 1980’s. Interesting compositon, which I just felt sharing with you.


Spidergawd – Your Heritage

These guys are a hard rock band from Trondheim, Norway. The song is also a nice promotion for their tour, which is also bringing them to Germany in March 2023. A rocking finale of this look into new releases.





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