Songs Of The Week (week of 25 November 2022)

“Little Christmas” – as there is Thanksgiving in the United States, the volume of new releases is significantly reduced, just as between Christmas and New Year. Thus, there are more German artists and acts from European countries this time, where the holiday is less popular. The 25th November 2022 of my Songs of the Week starting with quite some rock – but you finally feel that it is rather the season for the emotional and gentle notes.


Existent – Schrei

This week’s Songs of the Week are lead by the Hamburg hard rock band Existent and their new song Schrei. A straight rocker with a touch of punk cheekiness. A good option for your next rock party.


Lansdowne – Halo

Lansdowne is a band from Boston, which is acitive since already fifteen years. Halo comes with powerful riffs, a catching melody. Modern rock music with a potential for mainstream radio airplay.


Brunhilde – Return of the son of a gun

Brunhilde are completing this opening threesome for rock lovers. The band is from Fürth near Nuremberg in Germany. The song is taken from their already released album 27, the album version is about one minute longer, though. Nice dark song which is about the US school massacres. Great listen.


Ees – Eyo (Wake Up)

Definitely no rock or hard rock in here – I just did not find a good link between the rock tracks and a lot of pop and gentle music. This does not matter – this song by Namibian artist Ees (originally named Eric Sell) gives a lot of joy and summer feeling. He is nowadays living in Cologne, Germany. Love it.


Kim – Ruin

Willst Du mein Ruin sein – “Do you want to be my ruin?” is the key phrase of this beautiful break-up pop song by Kim. She is a graduated jazz and pop singer from Stuttgart. Lovely, very emotional listen.


Mo-Torres – Feuerrote Nikes

Mo-Torres is an established in the Cologne music scene. In this song, he is admiring a young female lady with “fire red Nikes”. Fun listen.


Diana Goldberg – Ask for It

Diana Goldberg is a German-Latvian artist located in Munich. Her new single Ask for It is again a very catching and modern song.


Annie Chops – 1 durch 2

Oh damn, I keep all my fingers crossed for this lady. I loved her when she did music as Kiddo Kat, I enjoyed Annie Chops when she did pop songs with English lyrics. The breakup song 1 durch 2 is her first song in German, teasing her upcoming EP. Great listen.


LINA – Schön genug

More and more I feel that Lina Larissa Strahl – or simply: LINA – made the big challenge to transform from a children music star (she acted and sang in a series of popular children movies) to a mature and young adult pop star. Schön genug is a lovely, emotional ballad about the struggle if you are really beautiful enough, despite what your love is saying. A song which is so much reflecting the thoughts of many people under social media pressure. One of her best songs to me.


Jannina Bey – Hold Me

Janina Bey had quite a cosmopolitan life so far. The German artist was born in Munich, her mother is from the Philippines, she lived in Dubai, the Netherlands and Austria. She became well-known as a semifinalist of The Voice of Germany. The song is about missing her grandmother, who has been murdered. Another fantastic emotional song in this week’s selection.


Greg Hunting feat. Susan Albers & Kevin Jenewein – Christmas Time

Greg Hunting is joining forces with two Deutschland sucht den Superstar (German version of American Idol) candidates here for this Christmas song. I feel that Kevin Jenewein feels a bit of weaker in this collaboration, but it is a nice festive one.


The Cumberland River Project feat. Misko – Along This Winding Road

Hopefully this is no departure from country music. The lovely The Cumberland River Project is going for a Christmas song as well. How could it be worse than excellent? Love it!


Michael Lane – I Can’t Live Without You

Michael Lane is another frequent part of my playlists and coverages. Who would fit better into this series of gentle and emotional tracks than the US-German folk music singer-songwriter. Beautiful listen.


Chiara Castelli – Believe It

With Chiara Castelli, I feature another TV talent show contestant in this week’s list of song. The Swiss has been persuading the jury as a former singer at The Voice Kids. However, the young artist has taken the next steps already – almost have a million followers on Instagram is one metric for this. Or her new single Believe It.


Some Sprouts – Green Feather

Indie folk pop from Germany: Some Spouts from Regensburg are about to release their debut album early next year. The single Green Feather is already a promising listen.


Sick Individuals – Better with You

These “SIck Individuals” 🙂 are a producer duo from the Netherlands.They recently had some quite successful tracks – and I guess that Rinze Ray Hofstee and Joep Jim Smeele can catapult this one into a bunch of charts as well.


Robert Grace – Not OK

There is a lot of pop music in this edition of the Songs of the Week. The closing song is the new songle by Robert Grace from Ireland. Lovely listen with a nice groove.



Songs of The Week – The Playlist

You may also listen to my Songs Of The Week and songs selected in some of the previous weeks on this Spotify playlist:




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