Songs Of The Week (week of 18 August 2023)

This weekend, I have been traveling through England, doing some musical-chasing. As mixed as the stuff I have been doing has been is the list of songs. This time, the list is lead by a Norwegian band. Hope you like the song about neuroses and all the other new releases of this week.


Oslo Ess – En Dans Pa Nevrosa

Oslo Ess sounds like a band from the Norwegian capital. The rock band is in fact Norwegian, but is coming from Moss. The song translates roughly to “A dance on Neuroses” – a song title you don’t have that often in the music industry – but it is a cool song.


Dolly Parton feat. Paul McCartney & Ringo Starr – Let It Be

I was really, really tempted to push this one on the top of the list. The promotion action was active since two weeks that Dolly will do this absolute classic with Paul McCartney. But she does it with Ringo Starr, too. And she does it in a great way. Dolly Parton’s upcoming rock album has so damn much potential, I feel.


The Menzingers – Hope is a Dangerous Little Thing

The Menzingers sounds like a very German act, but in fact, they are a US-American punk rock band. They are from Scranton, Pennsylvania and active since 2006. The critics love these guys – and the melodic punk anthem Hope is a Dangerous Little Thing is he perfect proof why this is the case.


Guns N’ Roses – Perhaps

Whatever I tell you about these guys, you know it already anyway. Perhaps is the first new music release since their 2021 Hard Skool album. Sounds rather soft regarding it is a record by the Los Angeles-origin hard rockers.


Within Temptation – Bleed Out

New releases by the Dutch symphonic metal bands are typically a high potential candidate for this list f new releases. Bleed Out is no exception to that. Bleed Out will also be the title track of their 20th October 2023 album release


Keele – Cherie

Did you mention something? So far, there is no release from Germany in this edition of my Songs of the Week. However, the Hamburg post-punk band Keele is changing that. Cherie is one of their new songs – they also have an altered lineup since 2022. Nice one.


Macsat feat. Vic Ruggiero – Run Run Run

A bit of reggae, a touch of ska, and some rock. I really love this collaboration of the German band Macsat from Münster and their guest singer Vic Ruggiero. Summer groove with cool organ sounds and a very special touch.


Zoe Wees – Lightning

Zoe Wees is just 21 years old – but she is already such an established artist in the European music scene. Not too surprisingly – the voice of the Hamburg girl is a blast. Lightning is just great due to that reason.


Sun’s Sons – What You Need

Sun’s Sons are an indie-pop band from Frankfurt. What You Need is their this week’s new release. Unfortunately, I haven’t received too much information about this band – the sound feels promising.


Alexa Feser – Mein Name ist

Alexa Feser released this beautiful German pop songMein Name ist Hoffnung und ich weiss wer Du bist – “My name is hope and I know who you are”. Her last three albums made it to the German Top 10 album charts – this one is not bad at all, too.


Heino – Layla

Even though I liked the first releases more, Heino’s version of the 2022 frequently discussed party schlager song Layla is simply a cool recording. Another interesting feature by the (typically) German traditional folk singer, who will release Layla as part of his party schlager album in September.


Guildo Horn & Die Orthopädischen Strümpfe – Can’t Help Falling in Love

Guido Horn seems to get quite a long attention in recent times. In May, I shared my feature about Guildo hat Euch lieb with you, now there is this cover version. He originally performed this song as part of the Masked Singer TV show. However, he decided to release the song now in a studio version, just two days after Elvis Presley’s death anniversary.


Lukas Meister – Flügel

Last, but not least, there is this beautiful gentle singer-songwriter story. Flügel, translating to wings. German artist Lukas Meister, who is a successful writer and lyrics author, released this beauty today. I just had to share it with you.


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