Aspire Lounge Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS) Non-Schengen (Lounge 41)

Aspire Lounge Amsterdam Airport Non-Schengen (41)



3.6/5 Pros

  • Nice design and nice view
  • Good WiFi Cons

  • Buffet feels to be limited

While flying British Airways from Amsterdam-Schiphol (AMS) in July 2022, the British Airways Lounge had still been closed for refurbishment. Instead, they offered Business Class and status customers access to the neighboring non-Schengen lounge driven by Aspire. A nice opportunity for a lounge review at the Netherlands‘ largest airport.


Aspire Lounge Amsterdam Non-Schengen – Location & Access

The lounge is shown as Lounge 41 in the Amsterdam Schiphol airport maps. It is located close to the F-Gates in the Non-Schengen area of the airport. This explicitly means that you can neither access the lounge on a Schengen Area flight nor on flights departing from the M Gate area. The lounge located above the normal passenger area. You first take an escalator to an upper shopping and restaurant level and then head up another level by elevator.

The lounge is opening from 6:00 to 21:00 hrs daily. The lounge is contracted to multiple airlines. In addition, it accepts lounge passes like the Priority Pass. I also ready about a buy-in fee, which I cannot confirm. Aspire is also driving a lounge for Schengen departures.


Aspire Lounge Amsterdam Non-Schengen – Atmosphere

The Aspire Lounge is comparably large. They could even afford to separate a section for Singapore Airlines passengers only. I liked the different areas they offered, even though the working area rather felt like a former reception desk. A really nice feature of the lounge is the large window front, which allows a nice view of the apron area. The windows also featured some nice seating. Unfortunately, the number of power outlets in some areas was a bit of limited.


Aspire Lounge Amsterdam Non-Schengen – Food

My flight was departing at 07:50 hrs, so that I had breakfast service in the Aspire Lounge. At these times, the airport requested you to be at the terminal between three and four hours prior to departure, so that I first had to wait a bit. The breakfast buffet was okay. They had a nice selection of bread, which I did not feature in pictures unfortunately. There was quite some selection of fruit, even a hot soup or similar and American-style pancakes. The food did not have signs, so that I did not fully get the soup thing.


Aspire Lounge Amsterdam Non-Schengen – Service

Lounge staff has been friendly. The lounge was clean and well-maintained – but as I said, I visited the lounge right in the morning. WiFi is provided by the airport and works very well. The bathrooms in the lounge felt renovated and had a really nice style. It was however a bit of weird that you could see the loos from the lounge itself. The lounge is featuring showers.


Aspire Lounge Amsterdam Non-Schengen – My View

Overall, I enjoyed my stay at the Aspire Lounge Non-Schengen (41) at Amsterdam-Schiphol. It has a nice design, some things feel a bit of weird, though. I could imagine that the buffet is a bit of small when the lounge is really crowded. The food selection was average. Nonetheless, a solid lounge for a hopper above the Channel – if this is your place before boarding an intercontinental one, I would expect more, though.


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