Drielandenpunt Vaalserberg – Where Netherlands meet Belgium and Germany

Drielandenpunt Vaalserberg



4.1/5 Pros

  • Beautiful area
  • A place with no borders
  • Labyrinth and two watch towers

Germany meets Belgium and Belgium meets the Netherlands. Needless to say that also Germany and the Netherlands touch each other. Originally, there was even a fourth party involved. The Vaalserberg (which is also the highest point of Continental Netherlands) is hosting a very special place. The State borders of the three countries meet on top of the small mountain., called Drielanddenpunt (“Three Countries Point”) in Dutch. Furthermore, there are some more facilities, which definitely give some good reasons to visit the place


Drielandenpunt Vaalserberg – Location & Admission

Vaalserberg is located Southwest of Aachen. There is no road for cars from Germany, but you can reach it from the Viergrenzenweg (“Four Border Road”) from Vaals in the Netherlands or the Rte des Trois Bornes from Plombieres in Belgium by car. From Germany, there is a forest route and hiking trail. The four border name comes from the former territory of Neutral Moresnet, which also hit this area. There are several major parking lots and a bus connection from Vaals and the place is part of Aachen hop on-hop off sightseeing tours. If you come from Vaals, you are also driving along the only serpentine curves in the continental Netherlands.

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In general, the area is open anytime. However, certain attractions may not be open. The labyrinth is open 10:00 to 18:00 daily, the Tour Baudouin from 11:00 to 18:00. The restaurants and services are roughly in line. The Wilhelmina Tower on the Dutch side is open daily from 10:00 to 20:00 at the time of writing. All countries are part of the Schengen Area, so that there are no border controls or similar.


Drielandenpunt Vaalserberg – Tri-State Point and Highest Point of the Netherlands

The spot in which the three countries in fact meet is a pillar. Around that, there are lines representing the borders between the countries, so that you in fact can make sure you are standing in Germany, the Netherlands or Belgium – or all three of them. Coats of arms and flags are added to the place and give a more formal touch to the square in the park-alike area.

The highest point of the Netherlands (continental) is marked as a pillar with a memorial stone next to it. The height of the point is 322.4 meters above sea level. Since 2010, Mount Scenery on the Caribbean island of Saba is the highest point of the country after the dissolution of the Netherlands Antilles (877m above sea level).


Drielandenpunt Vaalserberg – Towers

There are two towers close to the border point. The closer one is the Tour Baudoin, which is in fact just located on the Belgium side. It is fifty meters above mountain level. The Wilhelmina Tower is a bit of further North of the border point and has a total height of 353 meters above sea level. Both tower unfortunately have been closed during my visit, which was still impacted by Covid-19 restrictions.


Drielandenpunt Vaalserberg – The Labyrinth

One of the key touristic points on the Vaalserberg is the labyrinth. It is actually nicely done, made of hedges and also using water gates, which you typically just can switch off from one side of the labyrinth. I have to admit that I lost orientation in the labyrinth and got stuck in it. Unfortunately, in contrast to other similar places like the Masone Labyrinth, they don’t have some sort of helpline. Nonetheless, the labyrinth is a quite nice experience, with some nice sculptures and place to explore inside.


Drielandenpunt Vaalserberg – Other Services & POI

On the Belgian sides, there are some additional memorials, especially with a military background. The Vaalserberg area also features a couple of snack restaurants with a nice open air food court alike space. Next to it, there is also a playground.

The labyrinth reception area also features a souvenir store, which is also holding maps of the area if you feel like a hike.


Drielandenpunt Vaalserberg – My View

Yeah, it is likely not rational – but it feels just to be fun to jump from Belgium to the Netherlands and to Germany in a second. On top of that, the towers and the labyrinth really lead to a relaxed and entertaining visit, alone or with your families. The best thing, however is: there are no borders at Vaalserberg, even though there are three countries. This really touched me when I visited this place somehow in the heart of Europe. about Belgium

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