NH Rijnhotel Arnhem

NH Rijnhotel Arnhem

108.75 EUR


3.4/5 Pros

  • Lovely location
  • Great breakfast
  • Lovely workdesk with five free power plugs Cons

  • State of the room not pleasing
  • No elevator to my room (102)
  • No gym in a four star hotel
  • No power plugs bedside

In late September 2020, I felt to explore the region of Arnhem, majorly in order to explore some of the World War II memorials in the region. For the one night stay, I opted for the Rijnhotel, which is located right at the river Rhine. The four star rated hotel is marketed by NH Hotels, who gave me some very promising stays during that year. Thus, I was really curious about how staying there would be.


NH Rijnhotel Arnhem – Location

The hotel is located at the N225 / Onderlangsstreet, which is is a major connection to city center along the river. There are some bus lines connecting to the city not too far away (bus stop Oranjestraat, bus lines 1, 51 and 352), but in general, you likely arrive at the hotel by car. On both sides of the street, there are parking lots – which may, however, be quite packed

The hotel is not overwhelmingly centrally located. At least, a supermarket is leading to some travelers’ infrastructure. There are also some basic snacks and restaurant in the area – but you will likely end up in the hotel restaurant if you long for dinner.


NH Rijnhotel Arnhem – Rooms

I ordered a double room with Rhine View at a seasonal promo for 108.75 Euro, including breakfast. The rate could be cancelled up to two days before arrival. I was very happy that I just had little suitcase for my two day trip – the room was one floor below entrance level – this part of the hotel could not be reached by elevator, so that it would really have been a mess with more luggage.

The hotel room was indeed spacious, but rather traditional. I liked the vast work desk with the good number of power plugs. The beds were fine. The room overall had a bit of an elder touch. While the work desk was really comfortable, there were neither free power sockets nor USB connections on any side of the bed. This is not acceptable nowadays in my point of view.

The bathroom, which had a bathtub with integrated shower, was just in line with the “style” of the sleeping / living area. functional, classic, not charming. Everything was clean, some amenities have been provided as well.

The key feature of the room was of course the terrace. I loved the view – as a Cologne home town person, it is always touching to have direct Rhine view. Unfortunately, there was no separator on the terrace level between the rooms, so that I could easily walk in front of the other hotel rooms. Not sure why my room just featured two seats, while my neighbors had four. More disturbing was the fact that people could have accessed the room from the walkway which was right in front of the terrace.


Too many damages

Unfortunately, the traditional (also known as: old) style of the hotel also was due to some maintenance issue. Right when I opened the terrace door, the mosquito net fell on the floor. Hard to imagine that house keeping does not see the issue. The room door came with a couple of issues as well. They did do some renovation of the room not too long before my stay obviously – but I felt that the quality of the work done was rather below average.


NH Rijnhotel Arnhem – Breakfast

The restaurant of the hotel had a lovely view of the river as well, so that I was really looking forward to breakfast. Breakfast was organized in 30 minute shifts to guarantee social distancing, what I felt is just too short. The quality of the breakfast was however really good and well-presented. There were a lot of juices, pasties, healthy and warm options, all either sealed or given in individual portions. Like at the NH Collection Hotel Eindhoven City Centre I visited in 2020 as well, NH Hotels did a really good job in that category.


NH Rijnhotel Arnhem – Services

The hotel does not drive a gym or any wellness facilities. The check-in procedure was absolutely fine, not overwhelmingly welcoming. I felt very angry about the WiFi pricing. On top of the quite reasonable standard WiFi, there was a premium option for 10 Euro per day. I feel this is too pricey nowadays.


NH Rijnhotel Arnhem – My View

Even though the stay in Arnhem was not all bad, I felt a bit sad. The state of the room was not pleasing, I did not feel super-welcoming. I was not aware of that I had reserved a room without elevator access – which I feel you should definitely know beforehand. The breakfast was great, the location is amazing – I feel that the Rijnhotel has much more potential than it actually showed during my stay.


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