Stadtwerke Ratingen Mehrkampf Meeting 2024 – Decathlon (Day 1, 22nd June 2024)

The Decathlon in Ratingen was held in parallel to the Heptathlon event. Of course, the male athletes were competing to gain or secure their spot for the Paris 2024 event as well. Here is my sum-up of the first five events, held on Day 1.

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Mehrkampf Meeting Ratingen – Decathlon Day 1

The decathlon event started at 11:00 and closed around 18:00 on the first day.



As always, the male athletes kicked off their first day with the 100m sprint races. The three fastest runners of the event all came from the third and last race, all of them ran their personal best time in there. In that race, German Nils Kremling had to bow out of the competition, already being injured after a couple of steps.His countryman Till Steinforth took the lead after the first event.

Athlete sec
1st Till Steinforth (Germany) 10.41
2nd Sven Jansons (Netherlands) 10.56
3rd Rik Taam (Netherlands) 10.59


Long Jump

After that, the athletes headed to the long jump pit. The setup in Ratingen is a bit of unusual. The two groups are both competing in front of the main stand, with the start of the second long jump lane starting right behind the sand put of the first one. Dutch Melchior Treffers improved his personal best by more than half a meter in Group B, finally placed third in the overall ranking of the long jump. However, two German athletes dominated the competition. Felix Wolter and Tim Steinforth went further than 7.50 meters both. With Steinforth winning the second event as well, he increased the lead in the overall standings. Dutch Sven Jansons had to quit the competition after an injury in his first jump.

Athlete m
1st Till Steinforth (Germany) 7.59
2nd Felix Wolter (Germany) 7.55
3rd Melchior Treffers (Netherlands) 7.28


Shot Put

Estonian Karel Tilga dominated the shot put. However, his 16.59m did not keep him in the overall competition. He had intentionally done an invalid first long jump before and did not compete in the second event. Thus, second and third placed Niels Pittomvils (Belgium) and German Tim Nowak majorly profited from their performance. Till Steinforth placed twelfth overall in this competition, but his 13.48m still kept him in the overall lead of the decathlon.

Athlete m
1st Karel Tilga (Estonia) 16.59
2nd Niels Pittomvils (Belgium) 15.25
3rd Tim Nowak (Germany) 14.87


High Jump

After the good shot put performance, Tim Nowak (Germany) climbed further up in the total ranking after he high jump. He was the only decathlete who passed the bar at 2.01m. Germany Four athletes closed the competition with a jump over 1.98 meters. One of them was Till Steinforth, who by that kept the overall lead in Ratingen’s decathlon event.

Ahtlete m
1st Tim Nowak (Germany) 2.01
2nd Till Steinforth (Germany) 1.98
3rd Fred Isaac Fleurisson (Germany)
Vilem Strasky (Czechia)



The final event of the day already illustrated the stress and physical burden you pay when you compete in the decathlon. Only fourteen athletes finished in the four heats of the 400 meters event, which closed the first day of the athletics meeting. Remarkably, nine of them had their personal or season’s best time. With 47.24 seconds, the fastest racer was Dutch Rik Taam, followed by Tim Steinforth (47.38 sec), who thus has in the top three in all events of the first day, apart from the shot put.

Athlete sec
1st Rik Taam (Netherlands) 47.24
2nd Till Steinforth (Germany) 47.38
3rd Felix Wolter (Germany) 47.72




Decathlon Total Result After Day 1

Here are the Top 10 athletes after the first day. Till Steinforth was the dominating athlete on the first day. Even though there was already quite a gap, the second day with the two throwing events might shuffle the positions in Ratingen significantly again.

Athlete Points
1. Till Steinforth (Germany) 4,374
2. Felix Wolter (Germany) 4,307
3. Rik Taam (Netherlands) 4,246
4. Vilem Strasky (Czechia) 4,170
5. Tim Nowak (Germany) 4,028
6. Melchior Treffers (Germany) 4,008
7. Fred Isaac Fleurisson (Germany) 3,979
8. Marcel Meyer (Germany) 3,975
9. Nils Laserich (Germany) 3,969
10. Pawel Wesiolek (Poland) 3,945


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