Resistance Museum Amsterdam

Amsterdam Resistance Museum

13 EUR


4.9/5 Pros

  • Great setup of the museum
  • Fantastic way of transforming the key message to a museum
  • Junior exhibition so that you can visit with your children as well

Even though the Netherlands capitulated against Germany just after a few days under attack during World War II, they have a fascinating history of resisting against the German Nazi occupation. One of the places which is reminding of the behavior of the Dutch people during that time is the Verzetsmuseum – or Resistance Museum in Amsterdam. I visited it during one of my last trips.


Resistance Museum Amsterdam – Location & Admission

The museum is located right across the entrance to the Amsterdam Zoo Artis. From city center, the easiest way is to take the tram line 14 to Artis station. There are some restaurants and hotels around the museum. The zoo also offers some parking facilities. In general, I would however not recommend to travel Amsterdam by car.

Adult admission to the museum is 13 Euro. The museum accepts the Dutch Museumkaart. Opening times are 10:00 to 17:00 hrs from Monday to Friday and 11:00 to 17:00 on Saturdays and Sundays.


Resistance Museum Amsterdam – The Visit

The museum wants the visitor to reflect the struggle of the Dutch population. From the very beginning you can go for one of three options: adopting to the new situation, support the new leadership or to go to resistance. This is also the topic of the introductory video, you typically see before you enter the exhibition rooms. You may also watch the video here.Thereafter, the exhibition is bilingual, Dutch and English. You may also follow the faith of one of a selected citizen at this time.

In four sections, the museum tells the story of the Netherlands and their citizens from May 1940 until the liberation of the country. The exhibition is excellent, coming with a lot of original items and documentation. Thereby you see how the Netherlands could maintain a resistance against Germany – as well as the cruelties the Germans did on the population like the transports via Westerbork to the death camp in Auschwitz.

The museum maintains a great leverage between illustrating the struggle and the opportunities of the population and keeping a certain neutrality. There is always a nice linkage between war development / historic events and the impact on social life in the Netherlands. Of course, the Nazi propaganda is one of the key topics in exhibit.


Resistance Museum Amsterdam – Special Exhibitions

During my visit, there were two special exhibitions. The permanent one is the Junior exhibition at the rear of the museum. It works with the same idea, i.e. the different options people had at that time, but is trying to illustrate it from a child-friendly perspective. This part was very popular among the locals during my visit – and I really felt that it is done excellently.

A special exhibition was about fashion during the resistance yeas and how the people tried to keep a certain style even though clothing was op de bon – available on coupon. An interesting side exhibition, indeed.


Resistance Museum Amsterdam – Service

The staff was really friendly during my visit. At the entrance area, the museum is driving a souvenir shop, which is majorly having documentation / literature.


Resistance Museum Amsterdam – My View

I would say that the Resistance Museum / Verzetsmuseum is my favorite place I visited in Amsterdam so far. The museum is amazing, it is that striking, clear and illustrative. Trying to explain their message for kids as well in the Junior exhibition is a really strong idea, which is absolutely great. To me, this is a must-visit when being in the Dutch capital.


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