My Country Music Picks (13th May 2020)

Even though Covid-19 is taking quite much of our time, we should really enjoy the good things – and at least on the music side, it feels to me that being quarantined also leads to quite some creativity. Here is my latest selection of song, which I just felt to share with you explicitly – my Country Music Picks as of May 2020.


Lauren Jenkins – Ain’t That Hard

Lauren Jenkins is just a lovely songwriter, an amazing talent with a unique and intense voice. Big Machine dropped her, so Ain’t That Hard is her first song released as an independent artist. Wir haben Dich lieb over here in Germany, Lauren – and this song will definitely increase her fan base. Must-listen!


Logan Mize feat. Donovan Woods – Grew Apart

Logan Mize is just excellent – not too surprising, he is already having quite some fans over here in Germany as well. His new song, a collaboration with Donovan Woods, is just an amazing treat. You have to listen to it.


Redeye Caravan – The Descent

Just right before I finished my recent April 2020 edition of the Country Music Picks, the Greek Dark Country combo Redeye Caravan released the video to The Descent, another song of their amazing album Nostrum Remedium.The video is not as entertaining as the previous ones, but again they do fascinating songs to me.


Thomas Rhett  – Be A Light

This song is featuring Chris Tomlin, Hillary Scott, Keith Urban and Reba McEntire – an amazing who-is-who of the country music business. A lovely track by the mastermind Thomas Rhett.


Kenny Foster – Animal

Kenny Foster is just such an underrated artist to me. I recently focused on his Cut by Cut, the stories behind his Deep Cuts album. While working on that posting, I ran into the amazing song Animal again – a track which I just felt I should share with you.


Twinnie – Chasing

I love Twinnie – and I love her debut album Hollywood Gypsy. For the Country Music Playlists, I chose the lovely Feeling of Falling, but Chasing is her current single and quite successful in British radio. Cool song.


Abby Anderson – I’ll Still Love You (Piano version)

I’ll Still Love You is already a lovely Abby Anderson track – and if that Just Me and My Piano version does not touch you at all, you might have some emotional disorders. Lovely!


The Cumberland River Project – Hometown

In fact, The Cumberland River Project is just a project and Frank Renfordt, who I recently had a very interesting Spotlight interview with, is “just” the writing mastermind behind the project. For a Hagen, Germany, local radio station, he performed Hometown by himself. Great song… And hey, he can do it without a professional singer as well!


Wheeler Walker Jr. – Puss in Boots

Wheeler Walker Jr. recently released his best of album. I was really tempted to review it, but I was just too scared to be dropped or re-categorized in the search engines. The Best of had the straight title Fuck You Bitch, some of the songs are Finger my Butt, Save Some Titty Milk for Me or Beer, Weed, Cooches. In case you feel this guy is a weirdo with a few drunken fans, you are absolutely wrong: Fuck You Bitch only has 25 million streams on Spotify. May not be political correct, but successful.


Dave Haywood – We Zoomed

In my April 2020 edition of the Country Music Picks, I already had two Corona songs, The Quarantine Song by Olivia Lane and The Coronavirus Song by Bobby Brown. Dave Haywood from Lady Antebellum takes the Covid-19 songs to a new level and sings We Zoomed. This parody of Brad Paisley’s We Danced is – unfortunately – only available on Instagram.


Star Wars Theme – Bluegrass Cover

May the 4th be with you – Star Wars Day is just some one week ago at the day of publishing – but this very special way to interpret the Star Wars Theme is just a treat for friends of Chewbacca and Han Solo. An interpretation which made me smile.


Title picture: Walker Wheeler – Puss in Boots – Video Screenshot (c) by the artist


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