Country Music Picks – The German Songs (20th July 2021)

I received quite a lot of feedback on my initial (late April 2021) version of the The German Songs edition of my Country Music Picks, just concentrating on German artists and country acts from German speaking countries. Thus, I felt to give this idea another try, some three months after the inital posting. Hope you enjoy another look into the domestic country music scene – always look forward to your comments on these ideas. Again, this posting is intending to show the variety of country music in Germany – in contrast to “ordinary” postings, I might not fully enjoy all of the tracks presented below.


Micart – Rockin’ On Again

In my today’s edition, there are surprisingly many country music acts from Bavaria. Micart from Bad Wiessee at the Tegernsee region are one of them. Just this week, they released a new song, Rockin’ On Again. Great song to start my list of German / German speaking artists, definitely.


Nik Wallner – Landweilig

Another brand-new track on this list is Landweilig by Nik Wallner. The song title is a mixture of Land = countryside and Langweilig = boring. A great track praising life in the countryside (German country music is getting quite stereotype already 😉 ). Love it!


Venice – She Is Gone

She Is Gone is in fact a 1990’s recording, which has been re-recorded and re-released in June 2021. Quite a promising thing, hope the artist is coming back with more / new songs.


pez – A Ride With You

I featured pez and his EP All Lowercase in June 2021. In the meantime, the Regensburg artist released the single A Ride With You. A bit of Bavarian accent – but if you don’t care too much about that, it is indeed a really good song.


Hanne Kah – Tell Me Who I Am

Hanne Kah is a band from Mainz. It is not a pure country sound, there are also electronic sounds and folk elements in Tell Me Who I Am – but I just like the blend these four guys are creating. The song has already been released in May 2021.


The Western Country Band – It’s Time To Smile

The Western Country Band is a band from Western Austria. The band is lead by Andy M. Veit, who founded the band (which is typically just called TWCB) in 2017. A really nice sound, It’s Time To Smile is a June 2021 release.


Steve Garrett – From Coast To Coast, Von Küste zu Küste

Garrett was already part of my first edition of the German Country Music Picks. The song makes me smile – Steve Garrett is performing in my “native language”, Cologne-style German (or Kölsch). One of the few Cologne-language country snippets apart from Björn Heuser’s amazing Köpp voll Dräum.


Truck Stop – Liebe, Lust und Laster

They are still the act likely most Germans think about when you ask them about German country music. Very traditional sound with a schlager touch. Their 2021 album had some ups and downs, but overall was a rather positive listen. After their first single release Yeehaw was a bit too thin for me, the title track is not that bad, indeed.


The Cumberland River Project feat. Ron Wallace – Santa Cruz

What would a German edition of my Country Music Picks without Frank Renfordt and his The Cumberland River Project? The Hagen songwriter, who is typically joined by other artists, who help them perform his songs, is just an excellent writer. Santa Cruz is a good one for the summer, indeed.


Chris Steger – Präsident

I ran into the Austrian Chris Steger during my recent trip to Graz. Präsident is not a recent release, but another song of his will soon be featured in another posting. He is not explicitly marketed as a country singer, but his style and his deep lyrics definitely deserve wearing boots and a hat and a concert.


Peter Widereck – Heute ist schon morgen lange her

I initially struggled to present this song in this edition of the Country Music Picks – but finally, it is so powerful and so impressive, I feel it is definitely worth sharing with you. Peter Widereck is a Northern German artist from Kiel. Very well done, modern sound.


Feuerland – Willkommen in Feuerland

Feuerland is a duo, which is majorly marketed as schlager, but also as a country act here and there. Ray Scott Pardue is likely spreading some more Nashville spirit – he grew up in Mississippi and Kentucky. The female part is Swedish artist Sofia Andersson. Nice sound with a strong pop touch in this June 2021 release.


More than words – Heaven Is A Place Like This

Stefanie Hertel, her husband Lanny and her daughter Johanna are doing quite some country. Even though Hertel was big in German Volksmusik, she is keeping up this family band – and they indeed do some really good music. This song has been released in May 2021 and just did not make it into my previous edition.


Jens Dammann – Der Kleine Mann

I felt that Jens Dammann’s latest single release, Ich hab getanzt mir ihr, simply sounds too much like pop music. This single, Der kleine Mann (“The small man”) illustrates that the Saxony-Anhalt artist has quite a lot of country at heart.


Michi Bock – Straight Up

Maybe not country in a very straight sense – but I just had to share this amazing cover of Paula Abdul’s classic with you. Great sound from the Texas-born artist, who is nowadays living near Frankfurt.


Title picture: Venice – She is gone artwork


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