’s Latest Country Picks (06 April 2019)

it’s been quite a while since my last country music picks in late October 2018. While that time, I concentrated on new artists, I this time present a nice mixture of country music matadors and newcomers. Some of them might already be known to you from other postings. If you like this posting, you might also like to have a listen into my favorite 2019 Country 2 Country Festival songs.


Blake Shelton – God’s Country

There are a couple of interesting new country songs, which have been released the last weeks – but “The Voice” jury member Blake Shelton beats them all. I love his latest single. Powerful sound, great lyrics full of feelings.


Vic Allen – Talk

I have to admit that I simply love Vic Allen’s music. The music of the young Bristol-based artist regularly hits my country music picks. I was happy to meet Vic at the Country 2 Country in London – bad luck that she was there as a spectator only. She deserves more! Hope to see her on stage somewhere around the O2 in 2020.


Christina Taylor – Settin’ Myself on Fire

If you asked me which young US artists I would like to see live on stage, Christina Taylor would be one of my picks. Settin’ Myself on Fire is Christina’s latest single and another reason, which supports me in that thought. Excellent stuff. Hope to see her at the CMA Fest 2019 somehow.


Luke Bryan – Knockin’ Boots

Luke Bryan, another very big name in the business recently presented his new single. Very characteristic Luke Bryan stuff – which simply means that I love it!


Jana Kramer – Beautiful Lies

Honestly, the first song I heard from Jana Kramer was just because her name sounds German (in fact, she is even speaking some German) and I liked the album cover. After she gave birth to her son in late November 2018, the actor and singer seems to come back to the music business. So glad about this one, lovely song. I was gifted to see Jana Kramer at her CMA Fest Fan Event in June 2019.


The Reklaws – I do too

This Ontario-based duo is definitely just at their very first steps towards the major stages. Nevertheless, I love this single – don’t care that it just has some 650 views at the time of writing on YouTube.


George Strait – Codigo

George Strait is doing quite traditional country music. I would not rate that way to interpret the genre as my favorite one. Nevertheless, I picked that song for my country music picks. First of all, I feel it has a nice hookline. Secondly, Strait is just a legend. Great to see that he is still doing music which already had 450k views after five days on YouTube. Another great one of his new album Honky Tonk Time Machine is Sing one with Willie featuring Willie Nelson.


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