Country Music Picks – The German Songs (26th October 2021)

This is the third time I am looking into the country music scene of Germany and neighboring German-speaking countries. So far, this special version of my Country Music Picks lead to really good feedback, so I hope you enjoy my October 2021 episode as well. Like in the other parts, the intention is to show you the wide range of songs – not all songs below are recommendations in a way that I personally really like them.


More Than Words – I Can Do Better Than You

To me, More Than Words is one of the most promising acts regarding spreading modern country music in Germany. The key reason is that one member of the trio, Stefanie Hertel, is very popular in Germany for traditional folk musicI Can Do Better Than You has just been recently released – and it is a really cool country rocker, which also made it to my Country Music Playlists.


Nik Wallner – Sommerliebe

After Covid-19 felt have slow downed his effort a bit, Nik Wallner had a really good summer 2021 with new songs and quite some media presence. Sommerliebe is his latest song. He is also quite on top of my list of acts which could help to boost the genre in Germany.


DanaMaria – Sundowner

One song I just had to add after I already published this posting is Sundowner by the amazing DanaMaria. She released this single right at the day I opened this posting to you. Great one!


The Nashville Ladies – Was ich auch tu…

The Nashville Ladies are Silvia and Julia. They advertise themselves as country musicians and some songs are really having that kind of style – their latest single, however, is rather a schlager track with country-alike instrumentation / arrangement.


Curd Conrad Müller – Nur mit Dir

I actually feel that Nur mit Dir (“Just with you”) is actually quite a cool song. There is also a bit more of a schlager touch – but Curd Conrad Müller just has a really characteristic voice. Very interesting artist, who is, by the way, also from Southern Germany.



Cisco Steward – Summertime

Cisco Steward does very traditional country music with a touch of Elvis Presley in his voice. Summertime is quite a catchy song, but most of all, I just enjoy to listen to Cisco’s voice.


Björn Heuser – Ejal wo ich ben

Yeah, this is Cologne language music and thus always feels like carnival – but the more you listen to Björn Heuser, the more you feel his country music heart. His Nashville recording Kopp voll Dräum (“Head full of dreams”) was awesome – and I really like this new song, Egal wo ich ben (“No matter where I am”).


Robin Pirker feat. Connie Habenreich – Weit weg von Dir

I ran into this cool singer-songwriter duet with a nice country music touch in one of the promotion platforms I have access to. Really good one!


Klaus Beyer – Kentucky Moonlight

Another typical Germany country-schlager song. I really like the vibe of the song. The lyrics are quite country-alike, by the way.


Mrs. Greenbird – Love Makes You Free (new Version)

While Mrs. Greenbird released this new version of their song Love Makes You Free, they just enjoyed family time (with their newborn baby) in an RV in Spain. Excellent music quality – hope to see these guys from Cologne on stage again soon.


Michael C. Kent – Pianocowboy

Michael C. Kent is working as a producer in several kinds of music projects. Even though there might just be a slight touch of country in this “Piano Cowboy” song – it just deserved to be added in here, great storytelling and a cool voice.


Goebel – Der nackte Wahnsinn 4.0

Usually, Alexandra Goebel is an Austrian pop artist, who is doing rather powerful party-style songs. He did his most popular song in multiple versions – and this one is a true country rock song. Definitely made me smile.


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