Country Music Picks – The German Songs (28th April 2021)

It’s been just too long since I did the last episode of my Country Music Picks. At the end of November 2020, I showed you some of my favorites and special songs of the recent period. As you likely know my favorites of the last five months nowadays anyway, I just decided to do another special edition of this category. All the songs below are from German-speaking countries. Most of the the artists are German, but there is also on Austrian artist. Some songs are really good, some others illustrate what Germans think about when you talk about country music. Hope you like that idea – apart from one song, all are 2021 releases.


The Cumberland River Project feat. Brittini Black – Girl With The Guitar Case

Frank Renfordt and his The Cumberland River Project is likely the most frequently featured German country music act on Frank is typically joined by other artists – Girl With The Guitar Case is his latest release. Great quality modern country music made in Germany.


Henriette – Never Go Back

I featured Henriette’s debut EP in February 2020. She is very often named when people name good German modern country acts. During the last weeks, I ran into two new releases of her. Never Go Back is my favorite.


Dirk Maverick – Irgendwas bleibt

“Werkself-Cowboy” or “Bayerbarde” – the promotion kit of Dirk Maverick names this artist to be the only live singer in German soccer Bundesliga matches. Interesting thing, as his team, Bayer Leverkusen, is having their matches some two kilometers from my home away. Irgendwas bleibt (“Something stays”) is a single release as of January 2021.


July Paul – Marley Purt Drive

Marley Purt Drive is in fact a Bee Gees production. In this February 2021 release, it is interpreted by July Paul, whose civil name is Julius Michael Paul. The artist is based in Munich, he is releasing German as well as English language songs.


Hillrockabilly – What If It Barks?

Hillrockabilly are quite active. I really like their happy and inspiring sound. This track has been released in late March 2021. A mixture of Western swing and country, with a touch of bluegrass. Cool sound.


Steve Garrett – Jeder ist doch irgendwo ein Trucker

In Germany, people typicall think of a very traditional style of country music when they think about the genre. Steve Garett is thus definitely in line which that cliché. Jeder ist doch irgendwo ein Trucker simply translates to “Everybody is a trucker somewhere”. Hmm..


More Than Words – Something like Dad

More than words is a very interesting act. In fact it is a family band by Stefanie Hertl, who became well-know by traditional schlager music, her husband and her daughter. Due to her popularity, she is receiving quite some attention with this project in German media. Something like Dad was released in late 2020 – there will be a new song soon, though.


Ticket to Happiness – Over Now

Ticket to Happiness are a band from the Western part of Germany, who are doing a folk-country rock mix. Over Now was their latest release in February 2021. I feel it is a very catchy sound – hope you enjoy them, too.


Berenice – Can’t let you go

I unfortunately could not find out too much about this Austrian artist unfortunately. I just know that Berenice became famous as a background singer for Andreas Gabalier, who is doing a mixture of Volksmusik (very traditional German music style) and rock’n’roll. Her latest release Can’t let you go is indeed a good one.


Truck Stop – Yeehaw

I recently reviewed the new album by Truck Stop, Liebe, Lust und LasterThis German band is likely one of the most well-known country bands in Germany. While I liked some of their song of that new album so much that one even made it to my Country Music Playlists, their first single of that release was a bit of thin…


Jack McBannon – Motel 81

In February, I reviewed JackMcBannon and his True Stories album. Amazing music, which just does not feel to be a German production. Motel 81 is his latest single release. A lovely dark, very modern sound.


Way2Radiant – Still Awake

Way2Radiant are an acoustic duo from my home town Cologne. Rafaela and Alex just recently released this track, Still Awake. I feel it is a really nice listen.


Title picture: Frank Renforft, The Cumberland River Project (artist material)


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