My Latest Country Music Picks (28th January 2020)

It’s been quite a while since my latest country music picks – especially as the last issue was just concentrating on Christmas songs. Now the artists are back from the Turkey roast festival and there will be a couple of interesting releases during the next weeks. Thus, this edition of my country music picks has quite a lot of songs, a couple of them from late 2019, some others just recently released. Hope you like this selection of songs – some of them are also on the country music playlists.


Carly Pearce – Heart’s Going Out Of Its Mind

From the moment I saw Carly Pearce three years ago as an opener act of a country music open air in Lexington, Kentucky, I just admired her. Her second album will be released on Valentine’s Day, but here is already a flavor of it.


Tyler Farr – Only Truck In Town

One of the last songs I added to this posting is Only Truck In Town, which has been released last weekend. Tyler Farr recorded a very catching and powerful modern country track, which is definitely worth a listen.


Sarah Darling – Cowboy Take Me Away

As part of her Campfire Sessions, Sarah Darling has recently released a cover of a Dixie Chicks song. I love her interpretation, a very gentle and soft sound, which you also find currently in the Country Music Playlists.


Danielle Bradbery – Blackout

This is one of the songs I had in by backlog of tracks for quite a long time. Danielle Bradbery is trying out something new for the Charlie’s Angels soundtrack – the result is a great song!


John Moreland – When My Fever Breaks

I did not find a spot for this early 2020 track in my playlists, but it is still a great one – maybe you enjoy this track with Moreland’s intense voice – do you feel a touch of Springsteen as well?


Twinnie – Type of Girl

If you follow Twinnie like I do, you know Type Of Girl already. The track has been released in 2019 already, but the remake is really worth listening – and the video is just Twinnie. Look forward to see her at the C2C in Berlin again.


Olivia Lane – The Cape (Piano Version)

One of the concerts I look forward most to in the next weeks and months is definitely Olivia Lane’s show near Brighton in early February. Her The Cape (from the The One EP) released in 2019 was just an amazing story and a great track – this piano version does make it even more special!


William Prince – The Spark

William Prince is going to release his album Reliever in early February 2020. This track is definitely a nice appetizer and makes you look forward to the whole record.


Galantis & Dolly Parton – Faith

No, this is not country music – but it is Dolly! This lady (or shouldn’t you still stay “This girl”) is still reinventing herself again and again and trying out new things. This dance track just makes me smile.


Jessi Alexander – Mama Drank

Mama Drank by Jessi Alexander is just a very classic country music track with very deep lyrics. Loved it when I listen to it, so I felt to share it with you.


Christina Taylor feat. Brett Kissel – As Good As You Look

This duet of Christina Taylor and Brett Kissel has already been released in 2019 and was in the country music playlists for quite a long time – until it was replaced by I’m not Him, I’m not Her, which you find on the new Brett Kissel album. Love that track, so I wanted to share it with you again.


Lauren Jenkins – Hungry Heart

Last, but not least: Lauren Jenkins. She is just touring Europe (let’s including Brexitania country to it…). Right before she headed over the big blue water, she released that Bruce Springsteen cover. I just love her – and whatever she does, she just does not give me a piece of a chance to feel that I could be wrong. By the way, here is the recent Cologne concert review.


Title Picture: Twinnie, Type Of Girl video (screenprint), copyright by the artist


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