Tampa Bay Automobile Museum

Tampa Bay Automobile Museum

15 USD


4.1/5 Pros

  • Unique and very interesting collection
  • Very good documentation Cons

  • Remote location

I still have quite a backlog of reviews of attractions I visited during my recent trips to Florida. Time to reduce that list at least a little bit. In this posting, I take you to the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum. Maybe not the first attraction you think about when you think about the area around Tampa – but that does definitely not mean it is not worth visiting. Here is my review.


Tampa Bay Automobile Museum – Location & Admission

The museum is located just a short drive West of I-275, in a commercial area in Pinellas Park. It is a private collection, the company of the owner is located right next to it. There are a couple of stores and hotels around, but no major

The museum is opening daily but Tuesdays. Opening times are 10:00 to 16:30. Adult admission is 16 USD.


Tampa Bay Automobile Museum – The Visit

The car museum is located in a set of somehow clustered building. The collection has a focus on vehicles Every one is documented in English, including a story and basic technical data. What I really loved is that the most unique and special cars are marked with a star. Thus, even if you are not too much into the topic, you can pick these cars and dig a bit deeper into their story.  The range of cars is absolutely nice. One of the first ones you see on the pictures below, for example, is a 1971 French C.G.E. Gregoire, which is in fact driven with a hydrogen cell. However, the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum features cars from all eras, including rather old ones.

You are – of course – not allowed to touch the cars or sit inside them. But open windows and hoods give you plenty of opportunity to explore the cars in detail. The great documentation of the cars is additionally driving the experience. I had a very entertaining time there. Despite the collection is rather large, it took me some one hour to stroll through the whole museum.


Tampa Bay Automobile Museum – Services

The reception desk staff was really friendly. The museum also drives a small souvenir shop there.


Tampa Bay Automobile Museum – My View

If you are into cars, visiting the Tampa Bay Automobile Museum is definitely worth a visit. There are some really unique and interesting exhibits in there. The museum especially strikes with great documentation.


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