Songs Of The Week (week of 23 December 2022)

Christmas weekend – Marry Christmas to everybody who is celebrating. I guess that this week and the following one will still be a bit of thin in regards of the Songs of the Week. Nonetheless, there are some really nice tracks in here this. By the way, this is now over a year old. If you want to, why not have a look back to the very first posting –  or the “Christmas post” in 2021? Enjoy my picks from this week of course as well.


Willkuer – Ich bin nicht OK

Ich bin nicht OK (“I am not okay”) is already the fourth single feature of the album Zwei, which will be released on 10th March 2023. The band Willkuer from Reutlingen in Southern Germany is already active since 2007, but boosted their career in 2021, when they also released their debut album. Really nice German rock sound.


CaraDani – New Start (Open The Door)

I can hardly find any information about this duo, which is just having 50 followers on Instagram yet. I feel that most parts of New Start (Open The Door) have a really nice touch. Hope to know more about them next time they are in the playlist.


Ava Max – Dancing’s Done

50 followers is not quite the dimensions in which you measure the importance of Ava Max. The Wisconsin artist is the only really major act who is releasing a new song this week. I really like her and her new song Dancing’s Done.


Ronis Goliath – Next Tim3

Ronias Goliath is having a Cameroon background, but nowadays living in Germany. His new song Next Tim3 does have a slight world music touch, but is overall a good pop listen with a good vibe.


Sofia Martin – Tuki

Sofia Martin was born in Germany, but has a multicultural background and grew up in Spain. She names Alicante her home town, even though she is now in Berlin again. Her sound is cool. I just don’t get Tuki out of my head.


Lena – Looking For Love (Winter Version)

If you feel that this one sounds familiar, you are right. For the Winter Version of her summer hit Looking For Love, Lena and her team mainly changed the speed of the original. Suits to the season, even though the song is not the most creative recording of this week.


Eyelar – Another Love

Eyelar is a pop artist with Iranian background. She recently toured with Upsahl and performed this version of Tom Ordell’s Another Love on stage. Now you can listen to it as well. Good recording.


Harmogy – Through It All

A beautiful close of this list is Through It All, a touching ballad by Harmogy. Unfortunately, this is another act with limited bio information – even though they have quite a number of followers.



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