Nashville Mural Art in the Broadway District (Pictured Story)

I guess there is a lot of things you think about when you think about Nashville. Country music, partying, honky-tonks, maybe the Titans or a Predators match at Bridgestone Arena. Especially during my last visit in Music City in August 2022, I again recognized how many murals (wall paintings) are there all over Nashville. I always love to see them. Some of the most famous ones like the Wings or the I believe in Nashville one need a bit of commuting – in this posting, however, I concentrated on murals which you find around Broadway. Some of them are very popular, some are very hidden. Have fun to spot them when you are in the city 🙂


Nashville Mural Arts around Broadway

I just concentrated on paintings, which are two or three blocks away at most from Nashville’s party zone. This is also why this posting does not feature the famous Nashville Wings or the I believe in Nashville mural. Some of the murals are rather famous or simply advertisements, some other might be rather difficult to find. I just loved the wide range of different themes. My gallery below starts with one of the most famous downtown paintings, Legends Corner.

I don’t tell you about the exact locations of the murals as I will combine this posting with a small contest in social media. Some of the murals are quite obvious, but you also find some in parking garages, malls and similar places. No matter if you join the contest or not, I feel it is a lovely way to explore Nashville with this special focus. I feel it is absolutely worth it.


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