Spotlight – meets Jessica Lynn (March 2023)

I have been so excited about that news that she will be touring Europe soon: Jessica Lynn is such an amazing country artist, I just love the stuff she is doing. The more I am happy to be able to talk about her upcoming tour and other topics in my March 2023 Spotlight interview – you can find the tour dates on my European Country Tour Date Page – or just below this conversation. meets Jessica Lynn

FLYC: Jessica, you are about to tour Europe in 2023. How long did it take you and your team to set up all the tour dates?

Jessica: We are so excited. These are actually our rescheduled dates from 2020 so it has been a long time waiting for this tour. We began booking them in 2019!

FLYC: You will start at the end of May in Geiselwind and tour until end of July. The range of venues is very mixed, from major festivals to intimate venues. What is harder for? Intimate venues with a lot of personal contact or large, rather anonymous shows?

Jessica: They both bring their own special charm and excitement to a tour. The thing I love about more intimate venues is that you can really connect with the audience on a personal level and the thing I love about the larger venues is the energy, lights, and volume of the crowd. I wouldn’t say that I prefer one over the other, I love them just as much in their own special ways.

FLYC: The shows in Germany and Switzerland also feature trucker and motorbike festivals. The people there might not know your music yet. What is your key to success to win their hearts in these kind of situations?

Jessica: My key to a good show with an audience that isn’t yet familiar with my music is energy. My band is known for having a very high-energy and exciting live show. Even if people don’t know the music, we hope they will still be able to dance and sing along. I also feel like being my most authentic self is important in these situations. If I try to be someone else to “impress” or fit in with a new crowd, they won’t connect with me in the right way.

FLYC: The U.K. dates in July 2023 are rather typical club touring setups. Will you alter your program for these kind of gigs or do you typically feature the same songs?

Jessica: We definitely alter the program for these dates! In smaller venues you can play more intimate music and tell more stories about the music. When you are on a big festival stage, because of the energy in the venue, it’s important to keep the show moving. I enjoy putting some slower tunes in the club shows as well as being able to speak more directly with the audience.

FLYC: Especially at the beginning of the tour, there are some gaps in your schedule and you rather perform on weekends. Do you already have an idea how to spend the time in between? Do you maybe have time to explore Europe in the meantime?

Jessica: The difficult thing about the summer time is that many clubs in Europe do not open or operate fully and also that the all of the festivals are only on the weekend so there is a lot of competition for dates. We received offers for several more festivals but there were date conflicts because our weekends were already full or we were unable to travel to each location in time because there were too far. Usually, when we tour here in the states, we play at minimum 4-5 nights a week. Touring Europe is more relaxing in this way and yes we do lots of fun sightseeing in all of these beautiful places which is so amazing!

FLYC: How many people will (roughly) travel with you when you play in Europe?

Jessica: We will have 6 people in our travel party. 5 in the band and 1 crew to help us with merchandise and audio.

FLYC: Regarding featured songs: the tour will also allow you to present the songs of your most recent album, Lone Rider. Are there songs of that album you are especially curious about how they work out in Europe?

Jessica: Yes! I am SO excited to finally be playing this record live to a European audience. We have been able to tour it here in the states thus far but I am very curious if the favorites here will also be the favorites in Europe or if the most popular songs will be something totally different!

FLYC: After multiple EPs, Lone Rider has also been your very first album release. How important has that milestone been for you that for an artist?

Jessica: It has been very important and so exciting. I built my career being on the road so I physically had a difficult time having enough time in the studio to record an entire record. The pandemic allowed me to do that. It made me so incredibly happy that it charted so well. Here’s a little snippet of the success of the album:

On release weekend, Lone Rider hit the top of the charts. On Amazon Music, as the only female and independent artist in the Top 5, Jessica reached the #1 spot in both the USA & UK, as well as #5 all genre in the US and #3 in the UK. On iTunes, the release also charted in the US at #5 in country music and #17 all genre, as well as broke the Top 20 in Canada and the Top 50 in Belgium. Furthermore, in Lone Rider’s debut week, the record charted at #41 on the Top Current Country Albums Chart by Music Connect / Billboard securing Jessica’s spot as the only independent artist in the Top 45.

FLYC: Your songs regularly hit good positions in the iTunes Country charts. How much does that mean to you? Is there a shift in the importance of these charts? I guess in the past, the billboard chats.

Jessica: In this digital world – digital charting is very important. It is really amazing to see my music chart in so many different countries and resonate with many different people. It means the world to me.

FLYC: You started being on stage in New York City, which is also the city you were born. How difficult is it to succeed in the Big Apple – maybe especially for a female artist doing country music?

Jessica: Difficult! I had so many people doubt me in the beginning and tell me I couldn’t succeed. I used it as fire to keep going and I wanted to prove them wrong. I don’t believe that country music is where you come from but rather, how you tell a story.

FLYC: Your first song which attracted a wider audience is likely Favorite Stranger, which deals with the Alzheimer’s disease. Could you please tell us a bit, which made you write this song and how you got into its structure?

Jessica: My family knew a couple when I was a teenager in which the husband had Alzheimer’s disease. It was so heartbreaking to see his decline and how his wife took care of him. Even though I was only 15 years old, their love touched me so much and I was very inspired by them. The song basically wrote itself.

FLYC: Alzheimer’s disease is also a quite challenging and intimate topic, especially for the families and friends around. Did you ever wrote a song which you in fact liked, but finally decided not to publish it due to the topic?

Jessica: I have not! I think that music should be very raw, honest, and open and no matter what the topic, I believe it’s important to spread light and awareness. I released a song in November called You Save Me with British Army Veteran Liam Wakefield about mental health which is a very sensitive topic. Even when things are difficult to talk about, it’s important to do it.

FLYC: You are quite experienced in touring already. What is your biggest challenge when you are in another country?

Jessica: The language for sure! Sometimes it can be very challenging getting directions or communicating with organizers or sound teams.

FLYC: And, somehow vice versa, is there something you will be missing most while in Europe?

Jessica: My dog Audrey for sure. I adopted a disabled rescue dog during the pandemic and this is the first time I will ever leave her. It is going to be very, very hard for me.

FLYC: Finally looking forward to 2023 besides your tour. What are your plans for the year? Any new releases in the pipeline?

Jessica: I have several new singles in the works as well as a music video. I am very much so looking forward to what’s ahead.


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Jessica Lynn – Europe-UK Tour 2023

As said in the interview, there is such a nice range of concerts on her list between end of May and end of July 2023 – I am sure that there is the right one for you as well:

Sa 27.05.2023 Geiselwind (Germany) – Truck und Country Festival
Fr 02.06.2023 Gifhorn – KultuBahnhof
Sa 03.06.2023 Lindow – Mustang Ranch Country Fest
Fr 09.06.2023 Frantiskovy Lazne (Czechia) – Cowboy Billy Saloon
Su 11.06.2023 Freiberg (Germany) – Pension Fischer Fest
Fr 16.06.2023 Orpund (Switzerland) – The Ranch
Sa 17.06.2023 Engelberg – Eienwaldli Fäscht
Sa 24.06.2023 Interlaken – Trucker und Country Festival
Su 25.06.2023 Interlaken – Trucker und Country Festival
Sa 01.07.2023 Pfullendorf (Germany) – Biker Days
Su 02.07.2023 Pfullendorf – Biker Days
Mo 03.07.2023 Wiesbaden – German – American Friendship Festival
We 05.07.2023 Cambridge (United Kingdom) – Junction
Th 06.07.2023 Birmingham – Hare & Hounds
Fr 07.07.2023 Leeds – The Playroom
Sa 08.07.2023 Manchester – Gulliver’s
Su 09.07.2023 Blackpool – The Waterloo
Tu 11.07.2023 Southamption – Suburbia
Fr 14.07.2023 Nürburg (Germany) – ADAC Truck Grand Prix Nürburgring
Sa 16.07.2023 Erftstadt – Song of my Life (TV Show)
We 19.07.2023 Hellwege – Musik im Salon / Cut & Music
Fr 21.07.2023 Lübeck – Travemünder Woche
Sa 22.07.2023 Sulomino (Poland) – Western Piknik
Sa 29.07.2023 Mragowo – Piknik Country

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