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Hertz Kansas City Airport (MCI)



4.6/5 Pros

  • Very friendly staff
  • Smooth processes Cons

  • Shuttle bus transfer

Especially as I wanted to go to Paola in Kansas due to Rock of Ages musical motivation, I needed a rental car when I visited Kansas City and surroundings in late July 2022. For this rental, I finally had the opportunity to be back with my key car rental partner Hertz, receiving and returning the car at their car rental office at Kansas City Airport (MCI). Here is my rental car review.


Hertz Kansas City Airport (MCI) – The Rental

I had a three day weekend rental (Friday to Monday) with Hertz at Kansas City Airport (MCI). The car I booked was a medium size car like a Mazda 3. I was finally able to select a car of my choice from the Five Star car selection. I booked the rate using Hertz Gold Plus points, so that the only expense I finally faced were insurance costs and 15 USD fees for Sirius XM radio, summing up to 128.71 USD. The points were conerted into a value of roughly 335 USD before tax and fees.


Hertz Kansas City Airport (MCI) – Location & Office

Kansas City Airport does not have rental car facilities at the terminals. Instead there are shuttle buses to a central rental car facility. The buses (and the rental car center) is shared among all major companies. The shuttle buses are very convenient. I initially have been a bit of angry as I just missed one of the buses after arriving at MCI airport – the next bus, however, arrived after just a few minutes.


Hertz Kansas City Airport (MCI) – Receiving The Car

The rental car center and the Hertz rental facilities are very well structured. My name was already on the Gold member board, so that I just had to head straight to the Five Star aisle and pick a car of my choice. The staff was very friendly, which includes the bus as well as the check-out staff at the exit of the rental car center.


Hertz Kansas City Airport (MCI) – Returning The Car

The directions for the rental car return at the Kansas City Airport (MCI) rental car facility are very conveniently given. Despite road works, it was easy to find the return station of Hertz at the airport. The car return went smoothly – and right after returning, I could head back to the transfer buses. There are two lines, depending on the Terminal you depart from / airline you travel with.

Right before the route to the rental car return facilities is splitting up into the differnt companies, there is a gas station, which I felt to be very handy.


The Car – Ford Explorer

I went for the Ford Explorer. Overall, the car was very good and handy and provided sufficient space. The mileage of the car was roughly 25,000 miles when I received it. The Tennessee registered vehicle had some marks of usage already.


Hertz Kansas City Airport (MCI) – My View

Renting a car right after my very first flight to MCI with Hertz has been a really pleasing experience. The people I met were really helpful, the staff was kind and the processes were efficient. Of course, the transfer to the rental facilities takes some 15 to 20 minutes effectively (including walking and waiting), regardless of the efficiency of the shuttle bus service.


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