One Year of Country Music Playlists

Starting as a travel and sports blog some 30 months ago, I wouldn’t have imagined at its beginning how strongly I would be involved in music as well. Some 42 per cent of the website contents are related to music only (on top of museums about music and similar places). One year ago, on 25th August 2019, I started a feature, which intended to introduce you to the key musical genre of this website, country music: the Country Music Playlists on Amazon Music and Spotify. Of course, you can still see the original posting to introduce them to you on the website.

After I so far just had a short sum-up ten weeks after the playlists’ debut, I felt it is overdue to have a look at the history of this playlists and give you some stats and facts. Enjoy!


The Country Music Playlists

This is the current playlist:

Here are the links to the two playlist versions: Country Music Playlists – Stats & Facts


  • Same Rules… nearly all the time: I never changed the rules of the playlist: it contains 40 songs – every Sunday, five songs make it into the playlist, five are out. I only altered it once, on 10th May 2020, where I could not condense my list sufficiently and did six in – six out. No song ever returned to the playlist.
  • 301 is the total number of songs included in the playlists so far.
    • The longest appearance by one song in the playlist was I Drive Your Truck by Lee Brice (168 days, 10th Nov 2019 to 25th April 2020)
    • Heads Carolina, Tails California by Jo Dee Messina was the last of the original 40 starting songs to be active, before I removed it on 1st February 2020 after 163 days.

  • 196 different acts / groups / artists have been featured on the playlists so far.
    • The most present artist is Lauren Jenkins, who made it to 345 days present in the playlists so far.
    • I do like women country music. The Top 4 most present artists in the playlists are female (Lauren Jenkins, Olivia Lane, Sylvia Aimee, Twinnie)
    • Eight artists who were in the “Starting 40” are currently (of course, with other songs) in the playlist as well: Brett Eldredge, Carolyn Miller, Catherlne McGrath, Dierks Bentley, Eric Paslay, Lauren Jenkins, Luke Bryan, Luke Combs, Olivia Lane, RaeLynn and Taylor Swift.
    • Three of them are among the four artists have been in the playlists with five different songs so far: Luke Bryan, Twinnie, Olivia Lane, Sylvia Aimee
    • If I sum up the number of days in the playlist and split them by gender (all male / female groups count as male / female), then 53% of the songs are sung by male artists, 41% by female artists and 5% by mixed sex groups. If you remember my Nashville, Let The Girls Play posting, this roughly means that female artists are receiving twice the appearances they should receive based on Nashville publications (which is some 18 per cent). I guess that over-representation is comparably characteristic for European-driven playlists.
    • The mean duration of a song in the playlist is of course determined by my rotation mechanism. 22 songs stayed in the playlist for longer than 100 days. The only artist who did that with two songs is Luke Combs (1, 2 Many feat. Brooks & Dunn and Six Feet Apart).
    • Some 12 per cent of the playlist playtime are taken by my dear Featured Artists, who receive increased support by the website.

I cannot determine the number of followers on Amazon Music, but on the Spotify side, the number is comparably low (in the lower double digit figures). However, playlists feel to be very highly appreciated by fans and artists and I receive a lot of reactions on them. So I hope you appreciate the effort and enjoy the music. I always appreciate your feedback.


The Country Music Playlist Page

In case you do not know the page, this is where I regularly post my playlist updates:

The Country Music Playlists


For this posting, I closed the statistics on Saturday, 22nd August 2020 – which means that they do not include songs added on 23rd August 2020.


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