Patsy Cline Museum (Nashville)

Patsy Cline Museum

21.80 USD


4.6/5 Pros

  • Very good overview about Patsy Cline's life
  • Nice collection of exhibits
  • Not as crowded as Johnny Cash Museum Cons

  • No combined ticket with Johnny Cash Museum

Even though Patsy Cline died at the age of 30, she is still regarded to be one of the most influential vocalists of the previous century. She is also regarded to be a true legend of the country music genre. Thus, it is not that surprising that there is a Patsy Cline Museum in the heart of Nashville. I had a visit in March 2022 during my Pittsburgh Penguins trip and share my thoughts about that with you.


Patsy Cline Museum – Location & Admission

The Patsy Cline Museum is located on the second floor of the Johnny Cash Museum building. You walk up a staircase or take the elevator to that exhibition. Thus, the directions are equivalent to the one in the review there. In brief, there is no suitable public transport and Nashville parking fees are aggressive. Very often, getting to the central area around Broadway is easiest as a walk or by Uber and similar services.

The museum is opening daily from 9:00 to 19:00 hrs. The nominal admission is 19.95 USD, which results into 21.80 USD after tax. Even though they share the same building, there are not combined tickets for the Patsy Cline Museum and the Johnny Cash one. Presenting the ticket of museum on ground level, however, leads to a minor discount at Patsy Cline’s place.


Patsy Cline Museum – The Visit

The structure of the museum reminds a bit of the Johnny Cash Museum: first you get an overview about Patsy Clines life, then you get deeper into some stories. The museum is obviously supported by Cline’s family, who gave them quite some exhibits. Overall, the Cline Museum is smaller than the Cash one, but it is also significantly less crowded. After fighting through the masses on ground level, I loved to have a relaxed time on second floor, where the museum is at least done with the same level of love.

Finally, it is a museum about music history, like the Johnny Cash one. Thus, it is not too surprising that some parts feel similar, e.g. the exhibition of records or original stage clothing by Patsy Cline. One thing I liked is that there are so many personal items, including furniture in fact used by her and her family. The last steps inside the museum are, of course, about her death. Coming back from Kansas, she crashed with a plane over Camden, Tennessee. Thus, one of the most impressive items in display is her wristwatch, who ripped apart and stopped working at the moment of the impact, 18:20 hrs.





Patsy Cline Museum – Service

In the reception area, the museum is driving a gift shop with souvenirs about the artist and the museum, but also general touristic items. Other services like a cafe are provided by the Johnny Cash Museum.


Patsy Cline Museum – My View

Of course, Johnny Cash’s place is larger and many people will also be able to easier relate to Cash and his music nowadays. Nonetheless, I have to state that I enjoyed the Patsy Cline Museum over its peer in the same building. It is a very charming, personal exhibition with a lot of love and a lot of respect to the artist’s life. Furthermore, it is simply much more relaxed, which helped me a lot to digest more facts about her. I guess, finally most of you will visit both places anyway.


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