Ripley’s Crazy Golf (Myrtle Beach)

Ripley's Crazy Golf Myrtle Beach

18.25 USD incl. tax


3.3/5 Pros

  • Nice presentation
  • Good location in the city Cons

  • Too expansive as individual ticket
  • Some lanes don't work out well

Myrtle Beach in South Carolina names itself the Mini Golf Capital of the World – and, indeed, there are quite a bunch of mini golf and adventure golf places, some of them rather well reputed. The first one I share with you, though, is a rather minor place, which I majorly ran into as it was an easy visit as part of a combo ticket. Here is my review of Ripley’s Crazy Golf.


Ripley’s Crazy Golf – Location & Admission

Together with all other Ripley’s attractions apart from Ripley’s Aquarium, Ripley’s Crazy Golf is located at N. Ocean Blvd, one of the key street with attractions. The SkyWheel Myrtle Beach and quite some other touristic spots are located along the same road, the beach is just a few steps away. There are public buses, best options are likely C15S and C21, but you typically go there by car anyway. I have checked out the course in late October 2023, when parking fees were likely significantly lower than in the main season.

During my visit, opening times were 11:00 to 20:00 from Sunday to Thursday and 11:00 to 21:00 on Fridays and Saturdays. I could imagine that summer opening times are longer. The nominal price for one round for one adult is 18.25 USD after tax. However, there are combo tickets for Ripley’s Myrtle Beach attractions. My ticket, which allowed me to visit Ripley’s Aquarium and three Downtown attractions (I went for this place, Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and Ripleys’s Illusion Lab) was 66.64 USD incl. tax.


Ripley’s Crazy Golf – Atmosphere

Ripley’s Crazy Golf runs over three floors. You can either use a staircase or the elevator. The presentation of the black light courses is very nice and colorful and also here and there references typical things you do in Myrtle Beach and surroundings. I visited the place in off-season and had a very relaxed game. It might be more exhausting when the place is more packed in summer.


Ripley’s Crazy Golf – The Course

You don’t get a score card when playing at Ripley’s Crazy Golf. Instead, you should take an app. I finally don’t try these things out when I check out a course on my own. The surface is carpet, which is having rather long fibers and needed quite a lot of power. I had checked out some artificial turf. You first have three holes on ground level, than three holes one floor up, play on the top floor and then head back to the middle for the last two shots. While the first two holes are rather straight-forward adventure golf holes, the third one features the Plink-O game, where you should receive bonus shots, depending on the slot you. that’s a bit of bothering.

Typical games are featured on the next courses as well. The fifth course starts on top of a pool table. There is unfortunately neither documentation what Ripley’s expects the player to do (the pool table is far too high for an ordinary shot or for a child) nor there was any kind of staff around during my play. This may be somehow funny if you are in a party of people who had some fun already (aka: alcohol), but not really sensible if you just want to relax with some mini golf / adventure golf. Other course themes like pinball work out better. However, if I compare Ripley’s to the (lower priced) Puttshack White City in London, the automated scoring makes so much more sense if you theme your courses like that.

On the Upper Floor

The upper floor features courses like golf pok, where you should bounce the ball (with your hand) first. Unfortunately, the bouncing of a mini golf ball is really poor and the idea is better than the fun you finally have.  There are some other courses like a an ice cream-themed course or a chess board, which are not the biggest challenges for experienced players, but definitely have some fun. On course 16, you should play the ball from a swing. However, the weight limit is rather low with 115 kg, so that I could not play that. This one is close to discrimination.

Going back to the middle level, the Tetris-themed course is a nice one. The final course is similar to a magic gate, the ball typically gets lost after your first hit. I generally don’t like these lanes, as they don’t feel like a full lane experience to me.


Ripley’s Crazy Golf – Services

There is a bar on the middle floor, which has not been serviced during my stay. In general, there is no service (apart from toilets) on Ripley’s Crazy Golf. Unfortunately, this included the staff at the entrance in my case, who was extremely passive and did not really interact with clients. There are souvenir stores and similar facilities at nearby Ripley’s attractions.


Ripley’s Crazy Golf – My View

This place does have a certain potential – but finally, Ripley’s style of playing mini golf / adventure golf just does not work out too well. Some lanes are not thought through (even though they might look nice), the staff was definitely not enthusiastic in any way as well. The price is simply too high for the experience you get – which is really a shame, as the presentation of this central place in Myrtle Beach feels much better than that.


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