Currently my favorite animal: Leon The Lobster

He was ready to make a few people happy. For one evening. Ready to be the star of a luxurious dinner. But now Leon is fascinating several million viewers, including myself. Not standard content, but something between a blog posting and a media review of social media contents. I just had to introduce you to Leon The Lobster and his amazing story.


Who is Leon The Lobster?

The story of Leon The Lobster starts with the US-American filmmaker Brady Brandwood. Brandwood is quite established in his business, his career record incudes multiple well-reviewed educational and sports works. Awards includes an award for a Best Music Videos as well as two Bronze Apple awards at the National Educational Film & Video Festival. Brandwood went to a grocery store, saw the living lobster in their aquarium and decided to give Leon a very different faith – this is the beginning of an amazing YouTube documentary.


Leon The Lobster – The Episodes


Keeping A Grocery Store Lobster As A Pet – The Beginning

That’s how the story started… Brandwood did have some rather non-standard pets in the past, but Leon is definitely special. By the fact, it is not sure if he got a Leon or a Leona at that time. Shocking to see how much damage the bad treatment is causing to Leon. His first claw is moving after four days, while the other one is still not working.


How Is Leon? – Learning about how Leon gets more and more adopted to his new life

This second episode has been in fact recorded some three months after Leon arrived in his new habitat. You learn about how he gets used to his new life. I especially enjoy how much he cares about his “cave” and keeps his clean


Leon Goes To A New Home – A better Life?

It is quite difficult to catch a lobster and move him to a new home, especially after he had made so bad experience in the past. However, he got much more space now – and some new neighbors, which will rather be part of the following episode.


Leon vs. The Killifish or: a little failure

You might rather expect that Leon might take the killifish in his new home as a morning snack – but in fact his tiny “roommates” bother him more than expected. They especially take his food, so that they may have to move out in the future again.


How Smart Is Leon The Lobster? – Challenging The Unique Pet

There are a lot habits of Leon, who even feels to have a feeling for feeding time and similar “events” during the day. In this episode, Brandwood is also trying to challenge is situational intelligence by putting his food into containers.


Watch Leon Molt – Fascinating Nature

This Leon The Lobster update came comparably quick. I felt it is amazing to see how a lobster is molting and how much he is aware of that he he is much more vulnerable during this period. Leon is even significantly larger after all that fascinating torture. Really cool.


My Thoughts About Leon The Lobster

Finally, a lobster is a kind of animal which gives us a hard time to understand his feedback if he is happy or not. Thus, I do understand when people say that you should not keep the wild animal as a pet. In a free life, he would have much more space, more interactions etc. On the other hand, Leon has done so much for the acceptance of the species. You learn so much about lobsters, they definitely fascinate me much more now and I would even less rather like to have a lobster as part of my dinner. In the molting episode, how Leon is protecting himself – something you don’t see in other episodes. Thus, he might feel quite fine. And I am looking forward to learn more about him in the future.


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2 thoughts on “Currently my favorite animal: Leon The Lobster

  1. gregg

    Leon the Lobster is absolutely marvellous. I shall never eat Lobster again (and this, from a tried and true lobster fanatic). May Leon live well and happily for many decades to come. And kudos to Brady for being such an understanding and knowledgable Pal to him.

    1. Florian Buechting Post author

      Fully agree! Hard to imagine to eat a lobster after I ran into Leon 🙂 Such a fascinating animal 🙂

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