Hampton Inn & Suites Cathedral City

Hampton Inn & Suites Cathedral City

162.92 USD


3.2/5 Pros

  • Very nice location with a beautiful view
  • Rather new hotel with modern Hampton Inn rooms
  • Nice gym and pool area Cons

  • Several staff and service issues
  • Blocked emergency routes and possibility to lock up yourself in pool area

After spending three days in San Diego, my wife and I headed on to Coachella Valley in late December 2023. While the first highlight there was the flight with the C-47 Skytrain from Palm Springs, our hotel was in Cathedral City, just a few miles away. The rather affordable Hampton Inn & Suites Cathedral City felt like a good option for the things we wanted to do in the area. Even though we could not do some of the things (due to masses of people), the hotel felt like a good retreat. Here is my review.


Hampton Inn Cathedral City – Location

The hotel is located rather close from CA-111 and thus also not too far away from Interstate I-10. There are some other businesses around. You could even use a bus to get there (bus line, Date Palm at Gerald Ford) getting there. As the area feels a bit of remote – which also turns it into a rather quiet location as well. Driving distance to Palm Springs Airport (PSP) is at most 15 minutes (5 miles)

There are a few other shops and stores around, including some fast food. Nonetehelss, the range of touristic services around the hotel is rather limited.


Hampton Inn Cathedral City – Room

My wife and I had booked a King Room with fridge and microwave for two days in late December 2023, arriving on Christmas Day. The semi-flex (i.e. five day cancellation notification) was 325.84 USD. Hampton Inn hotels generally provide complimentary breakfast to guests. There hasn’t been an upgrade explicitly, but the room felt rather spacious. The room overall felt really new. Some design elements rather reminded of the rather recently rolled out Hampton by Hilton hotels in Europe. Part of that is a rather large work desk.

Like the living area the bathroom just had very little marks from previous visitors and thus felt comparably new. Another thing more and more hotels of the Hilton brand alter to, even in the US, is providing amenities in large refillable flasks on the wall. The condition of the room was very nice – thanks to excellent housekeeping.


Hampton Inn Cathedral City – Breakfast

The breakfast area in the lobby felt a bit of small, compared to the size of the hotel. While some ten, twenty years ago, people tended to grab breakfast and eat it in their room, nowadays, more and more guests consume it in the lobby (which I do always). The more, this is remarkable as the hotel is rather new. The area as such, though, has a friendly and welcoming touch. Overall, we had a reasonable start into the day, the breakfast was average, I have been to significantly better – and worse – Hampton morning experiences.


Hampton Inn Cathedral City – Service

The hotel staff was reasonably welcoming. I have been to more enthusiastic places, definitely. The internet connection in the hotel worked very well. The hotel runs a rather large gym, which is smartly making use of space. The signature service of the Hampton Inn & Suites, though, is definitely the lovely pool area, which has a nice look of the mountains.

However, when I tried to take some pictures of it out of pool hours, I was caught. The gates to the swimming pool were mechanically locked (by padlocks). The fence around is so close to the building that it would be hard to walk next to it. This is very remarkable, as this is one of the dedicated escape routes. In case of fire, do you really want to run through a narrow gap between a fence and a burning hotel? More than that, when we wanted to get back into the hotel, the door opener did not accept the key card any more (out of pool hours?). During the two breakfast mornings, several people ran into the same situation on one of the two doors who had that issue.

When we complained about it at check-out, it became obvious that first, the staff was aware of that issue. Second, it was clear that they do not care a f*ck (sorry!) about it. Thus, in my personal point of view, there is a severe safety issue if you have to escape the hotel to its rear, where the pool is located.


Hampton Inn Cathedral City – My View

Bad luck. The Hampton Inn & Suites Cathedral City could be a really nice stay. The location is rather handy, the hotel is quite new. However, we faced too many service downsides – and a severe safety issue. Especially the latter is a strong reason not to feel safe and happy at this place. Coachella Valley is full of alternatives, luckily.


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