Acrisure Stadium (Pittsburgh) Highlight Tour

Acrisure Stadium Highlight Tour

10 USD


4.4/5 Pros

  • Nice compact tour
  • Walking along the pitch
  • In the Steelers and Panthers locker room
  • Lovely guide

Somehow, it is still the Heinz Field for the locals… The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Panthers share Acrisure Stadium for their home matches. The only time I had been inside the stadium so far was for an NHL Stadium Series outdoor ice hockey match. In March 2023, I had the opportunity to take a short insight of the venue and visited the shorter Highlight Tour.


Acrisure Stadium Highlight Tour – Location & Admission

Acrisure Stadium is located very centrally on the North Shore of Pittsburgh. PNC Park and Carnegie Science Center are not too far away from it as well. If there is no match day (which includes baseball!), it is absolutely easy to find a parking spot around the stadium, typically with reasonable prices. Alternatively, you can use Allegheny Station of Pittsburgh Light Rail. The terminal stop of all three lines is located in the free travel zone of the town.

The tour times differ per season and (of course) depending whether there is a match or event in the stadium. You should pre-book it anyway. The Highlight Tour is 10 USD (adults). However, you may also book a longer tour – there are also special match day tours.


Acrisure Stadium Highlight Tour – The Visit

The tour was named to take 30 to 45 minutes. However, the tour in fact took some 45 to 50 minutes. By that, it is still well-timed so that you can do the Pittsburgh Steelers Hall of Honor Museum right the next hour (the stadium tour ends in the gift shop, from where it is a short walk to the beginning of the museum visit; where we had a first glimpse of the stadium, before we visited the PNC Champions Club, one of the many hospitality areas of the stadium.

One of the highlights of each visit are, of course, the locker rooms. My visit was in March, i.e. after the season, so that the lockers did not have the names of the players, but it was cool to be right in the heart of the Pittsburgh Steelers area of Acrisure Stadium. The ground, however, is also used by the local college team, the Pittsburgh Panthers. They have separate home team facilities – honestly, I felt that their locker room is even a bit more posh than the NFL team one. The two teams share the same shower room, though.

From there, we went around the pitch and had lovely views of the stadium. The guide was great and could not only answer a lot of questions, but also told a lot about the stadium history. Back in the public aisles of the stadium, the tour did not honor the biggest milestones of the Steelers in the FedEx Great Hall. Furthermore, you learned the story of the very famous Terrible Towel, which kicked off (and still is) a charity project – and a Pittsburgh tradition. Due to the short time, you do not visit other lounges or the press area.


Acrisure Stadium Highlight Tour – Services

As said, the guide was amazing. After the tour, you had the opportunity to stock up your memorabilia archive in the Steelers Pro Shop. Bathrooms can be visited during the tour


Acrisure Stadium Highlight Tour – My View

I really enjoyed the tour. Of course, the Ultimate Acrisure Stadium Tour, which is about double the time, would have given me more insights of the stadium – but I saw a lounge, the locker room and walked along the pitch – that’s already quite amazing. Similar to the Steelers Museum, they have amazing people working at the stadium and telling them stadium stories. I definitely had a great time there. The shorter format might also be more interesting for children, I believe. in Pittsburgh

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