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My Country Music Playlists on Amazon Music and Spotify are one of the most popular elements of the music coverage. I like the strict rules on the one hand (five songs in, five songs out every week) – but very often it limited my possibilities to share songs with you. Thus, I finally made use of the Corona times and decided to introduce two new playlists dealing with country music – one for recently released songs and one concentrating on European country music. I introduced both playlists on 14th April 2020. Here is an initial overview – you will find more information on these playlists (and maybe more of them one day in the future) on the Additional Playlists page. This page will also be updated in case of song changes etc. You will find these two playlists in the new Additional Playlists menu item: New Country Songs

I had to put this playlist on hiatus as the information inflow is currently not guaranteed.

Especially during the last weeks, just having five slots to change songs on the main playlist very often lead to the situation that I had to postpone or even skip new songs, which I felt I should introduce to you to new songs more flexibly. In this new playlist, I will be more open-minded and just sample songs which I felt may be worth listening, so that I guess that each and every weekend, there will be some five to ten new songs. Thereby, I will rotate the playlist according to the following rules:

  • Only new singles (A sides) and song releases may qualify for the playlists. New songs, which for example have been part of a sampler, an album or an EP, will not be part of the playlist additions.
  • There is not fixed number of songs I am aiming for.
  • I will try to update the playlist regularly, once a week (I aim for Tuesday updates)
  • Songs will only be added in the week they have been published.
  • Regardless of the song popularity or my view on it, songs will strictly be removed after five weeks (i.e. there are four weekly sets of new songs in parallel in the playlist)

I hope that these rules give a good rotation of new country songs, which you can enjoy.

Here are the links to the the playlists on Amazon Music and Spotify:

Here is the Spotify widget representing the current selection of songs in the playlist: European Country Hits


In the meantime I decided to close this playlist again


One of the key reasons why I blog in English is that shall create bridges: if you are interested in sports, you may learn about country music – or if you read recent tourdates, you may at least find some hotel reviews for some of the cities your band is playing in. In country music, I don’t only want to introduce North American acts to European viewers, but also – vice versa – bring some visibility to European acts to North America. Depending on the period of time, more than half of the visitors of are North American. Thus, I felt that a European country acts playlist would be very sensible as well. In order to present a wide range of songs, I adopted the rules under which I manage this list:

  • There are up to two songs per artist
  • I also allow for artist, which majorly perform in Europe (e.g. Zoee, Liv Austen)
  • I will update the list on demand, not regularly
  • The list includes all country genres and all languages

Here are the links to the the playlists on Amazon Music and Spotify:

Here is the Spotify widget representing the current selection of songs in the playlist: Country Music Playlists – Initial Songs

As the widgets above will alter with every playlist update, here is my intiial list of songs: New Country Songs

This is the initial set of New Country Songs, sorted by release date (all set to the week’s Friday)

20th March 2020: (will be removed on 21st April 2020)

  • I Love You Now Change by Twinnie
  • Better off by Trace Adkins
  • Think About You by Alana Springsteen & Filmore
  • Can’t not by Steven Lee Olsen
  • Already ready by Garrett Jacobs
  • Why you been gone so long by Gretchen Peters
  • Everybody’s get a story by Chevel Shepherd
  • Home Away from Home by Tim Dugger
  • How the car’s running by Emily Ann Robers
  • The Haze by Cody Bryan & Kensie Coppin
  • Rewind by Tiera
  • SOS by Catlin Quisenberry
  • Pity Party by Parker McKay
  • Never find another by The Hobbs Sisters
  • I Hope You’re happy now (Acoustic) by Carly Pearce & Lee Brice
  • Tip of my Tongue by Gary Quinn

27th March 2020: (removal: 28th April 2020)

  • WWDD by Lainey Wilson
  • Just anotehr name by The Rising
  • In a Rut by Whitney Rose
  • Last Time I Say Sorry by Kane Brown & John Legend
  • Detours by Jordan Davis
  • Baby don’t get hooked on me by William Michael Morgan
  • Wild Wolrd by Kip Moore
  • Hold my beer by Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen

3rd April 2020: (removal: 5th May 2020)

  • What’s up cuz by Toby Keith
  • Me Lately by Filmore
  • Like a man by Dallas Smith
  • Canvas by Christie Huff
  • Let you love me by Bree Doster
  • Hung over you by Canaan Cox
  • Dive Bar Dreamer by Alexandra Kay
  • Be a light by T.Rhett, R. McEntire, H. Scott, C. Tomlin & K.Urban
  • My dogs are home by Tara Thompson
  • Woman Like Me by Elles Bailey

10th April 2020: (removal (12th May 2020)

  • Walkaway Joe by Brandon Lay
  • Halfway Home by Jess Moskaluke
  • Thank you anxiety by Avenue Beat
  • One of them Girls by Lee Brice
  • Back Porch by Willie Jones
  • Out of my Hands by Lena Stone
  • Here by Mitchell Tenpenny
  • Wrapped by Jenn Bostic
  • How Do We Do This by Ian McConnell & Kalie Shorr European Country Hits

Here is the list of initial songs of the playlist as of 14th April 2020, sorted by name of the artist (multiple songs separated by semicolon):

  • Sylvia Aimee: Last Man Standing; Superhero
  • Jake Aldridge: Gullible (feat. Kezia Gill)
  • Vic Allen: Blinded; Talk
  • Jeannine Barry: Love Just Hurts; All Night
  • Ilse DeLange: So Incredible; Changes
  • Emily Faye: Leaving Looks Good On You
  • Van de Forst: Paint This Town; Walking Away
  • Henriette: Crash Like This; Dream Boy
  • Jade Helliwell: Stay
  • Björn Heuser: Johnny Cash; Joot met mir
  • Kezia Gill: Local Man’s Star; Whiskey Drinkin’ Woman
  • Katee Kross: Diamonds In The Dust; Still the People Talk
  • Emily Lockett: Break Up Song; That Girl
  • Catherine McGrath: Lost in The Middle; Wild
  • Emma Moore: Dutch Courage; Good Girl
  • Jake Morrell: Freewheeling (Summer Mix); Englishman
  • Megan O’Neill: Ghost Of You
  • Laura Oakes: Better In Blue Jeans
  • Gary Quinn: Rewind; Tip of My Tongue
  • Recovering Satellites: You Want It We’ve Got It
  • Remember Monday: Drive
  • Beth Rowley: Sweet Hours; Brave Face
  • The Adelaides: Good Love
  • The BossHoss: Jolene (feat. The Common Linnets); Word Up
  • The Blue Highways: He Worked
  • The Cumberland River Project: Back On The Road; Honey In My Head
  • The Fatherline: Before the Trend Set In
  • The Luck: Holding On; Ready To Run
  • The Shires: I Just Wanna Love You: Independence Day
  • Twinnie: Better When I’m Drunk, Lie To Me
  • Two Ways Home: Prove Me Wrong; Out On The Road
  • Izzie Walsh: Take Me Back
  • Pete Wolf Band: Another Life; Girl Crush
  • Zoee: Nashville


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