Spotlight – meets Presley Aronson (23rd September 2021)

Lori Rayne, Stephanie Ryann and now Presley Aronson – after I had quite a break from my Spotlight interviews, the blog is now back with three artist chats within nine days. Presley Aronson is thereby a very interesting country musician. One reason is that is he not also active as a musician, but also a movie producer. But the multi-talented West Coast artist also sings about very versatile topics. When we got in contact, he just released Live Like Paradise. Tomorrow, there will be a new song: Background is about bullying. We definitely had to chat about these songs and many more – enjoy! meets Presley Aronson

FLYC: Presley, thanks for joining me for an interview. We got in contact due to your March 2021 single, What If. Just starting the interview with this song – what is it all about?

Presley: Thank you for having me! What If is a hypothetical love story about the thought of what could be.

FLYC: How do you typically write songs like What If?

Presley: I wrote What If with a couple great friends. The storytelling aspect of my music is extremely important to me. There are three parts to my process: the story, the lyrics that describe the story, and then the music that complements the story.

FLYC: You have multiple talents in the entertainment industry. At the age of 14, you launched a movie production company in Los Angeles already. What was your first love? Acting, producing movies or making music?

Presley: I’ve really always had a love for the industry, whether it be singing, playing an instrument, acting, or being behind the camera. I don’t think I can really choose one; they all characterize who I am today.

FLYC: Can you still remember your first steps into music – and into movie making/acting?

Presley: I would always be singing as a kid whether it’d be around the house or onstage. Then came the singing groups, music classes, stage plays, musical productions, and so on. Like with my songwriting, a passion for storytelling is always at the forefront, so having the ability as a director to bring a script to life is a magic like none other.

FLYC: You are also working on a project regarding bullying. What is that about?

Presley: I experienced bullying pretty severely in the emotional, mental, and physical senses during my elementary and middle school years, to the point that the behavior affected my academics and even worse my entire childhood. Unfortunately, I’m far from the only story. There are countless kids and even adults around the world who get bullied daily. My mission is to help empower victims through my new song, Background releasing September 24th, that describes the pain of going through this experience, how to keep your head held high through it all. I also have a music video releasing October 1st that will hopefully help a lot of kids. I’ll be going on tour to schools and Churches across the country to share my message and perform my songs.

FLYC: Your first single listed on streaming platforms is the 2020 release She’s All Mine. After being successful in the movies, What was it like to take this step into the international country music scene?

Presley: I truly love everything about country music, from the storytelling, to the artists, to the listeners; there are so many amazing things about the genre. I can’t stop listening to country, and to tie back to the storytelling theme, this is why the music style resonates with me. In everything I do, whether it be directing, writing, singing, public speaking, even in conversation like with this interview, it’s all about the message, the intention, the purpose. This is why I feel at home in the country music scene.

FLYC: Your latest single is Live Like Paradise. Tell us a bit about the story of this song, please.

Presley: Live Like Paradise is a great summer song best listened to driving with the windows down, on the beach, or on a boat. My life motto is to live every single day like I’m in paradise, whether it’s the best or worst day of my life. The main message behind this song is to distract yourself from challenging moments while keeping the positivity going strong.

FLYC: As a country singer, actor, director and producer, you somehow have all you need in-house to do your music videos. Is it more difficult for you to record a Presley Aronson music video or a production for a customer?

Presley: I’m extremely blessed to have the ability to produce my own videos along with my amazing team, without which I couldn’t accomplish any of this. We give every project we take on at Presley Aronson Enterprise equal attention and love. They say we are our own worst critics, which, in theory, applies to not only my music videos but any production we assume.

FLYC: Let’s look forward: what are the next steps in your country music career? Any new songs or an EP/album coming?

Presley: I have my anti-bullying song Background releasing September 24th and the music video releasing October 1st, followed by a nationwide tour. After that will be the release of the music video for Live Like Paradise. I have a few new songs coming soon, as well!

FLYC: I typically close my interviews with a question, which is not that related to music. When I think of L.A., I think of many interesting spots, but also of congestion. How does Presley Aronson relax in a Los Angeles traffic jam?

Presley: LA traffic definitely can be frustrating, but I turn on SiriusXM The Highway and blast it until I get where I’m going.


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