Hampton Inn & Suites Poughkeepsie

Hampton Inn & Suites Poughkeepsie

157.13 USD


4.7/5 Pros

  • Very nice room
  • Good facilities
  • Nice staff

Weird Al Yankovic made me travel to a couple of weird US places in my life. Like Poughkeepsie, a place which I did not even know that it exists – until the magical musician opened his 2022 tour there. Thus, on the second night of my April 2022 trip with Weird Al, I saw the first concert of the tour… and slept in the Hampton Inn & Suites Poughkeepsie. Here is my review of this night in this Hilton Hotels location.


Hampton Inn & Suites Poughkeepsie – Location

The location of the hotel might look a bit of odd at first sight, as it is quite South of the city. However, there is a large IBM and other companies commercial complex near the hotel, so that there are also other peers and restaurants along this part of US-9. Next to the Hampton Inn, there is a Red Roof Plus+ outlet. There no other realistic option than reaching the hotel by car.



Hampton Inn & Suites Poughkeepsie – Room

I booked a two Queen Bed room (aka: the cheapest available) at a semi-flex rate with five nights cancellation period. The price for one night (including breakfast, it is a Hampton…) was 157.13 USD for a Tuesday to Wednesday night in April 2022. The hotel was very kind and upgraded me to the nice and spacious suite you see below. I especially loved the large working desk in front of the two beds, but also the sofa area (even though I typically don’t use it that much on these kinds of travel). Another really nice amenity of the room was that this suite came with a US-style kitchenette (which means: microwave and fridge, but looking like a proper kitchen) right at the entrance area. After having the rather small Microtel by Wyndham Long Island City the night before, this place really felt like a treat.

The sink of the room was located in a booth of the room, which also featured the large wardrobe. There was plenty of space for my own toilet items. The shower and toilet were located in a separate room next to it – an absolutely functional design, which worked out rather well. The hotel room was absolutely clean when I checked in.


Hampton Inn & Suites Poughkeepsie – Breakfast

I liked the spacious lobby of the hotel, which also featured the breakfast room. There were no negatives about the breakfast in Poughkeepsie – which feels like a very positive review. The staff was nice and worked well and the breakfast items were nicely presented. And: they had a waffle machine, which is always making me smile in the US morning.


Hampton Inn & Suites Poughkeepsie – Service

The check-in and check-out process worked out rather smoothly. Compared to other Hampton places, the gym area was spacious. The hotel also offers a really nice indoor pool area including a whirlpool. However, time did not allow me to have a closer look during my visit.


Hampton Inn & Suites Poughkeepsie – My View

A very nice room, very good facilities and friendly processing – finally, the Hampton Inn & Suites Poughkeepsie had all what is needed for a good stay. The pool area felt rather impressive – bad luck that I more or less just slept in these places during my April 2022. This stay is definitely in the Top Pick! ranks.


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