California With The Pittsburgh Penguins 2020 (Day 4, 28th Feb 2020)

Let’s play hockey – again! The fourth day of my trip through California (with a detour to Nevada)  had the second match of my Pittsburgh Penguins as the main event: after the tough loss at the L.A. Kings on Day 2, the team could do better now at the Anaheim Ducks.


Take it easy

The last days have been quite tough with a lot of new material for the website. As the Day 4 and the two days thereafter featured three hockey matches, three different hotels and early morning flights, I felt to have an easy start of the day and was very slow in everything. Furthermore, of course, there were a couple of music reviews on “New Music Friday” I was due to post. Maybe you say the Lisa Loeb one, for example. I also published a review of the new album by Hailey Whitters.


Several Million Dollars of Cars in one Place

After I survived some Greater Los Angeles traffic jams, I made it to the museum of the Marconi Collection. Dick Marconi is displaying luxury cars of his own collection. The funds he makes with the museum and events hosted in the museum are donated to children supporting projects in Orange County. The collection is amazing – if you ever want to see a lot of Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini, this place close to John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana is worth a visit.


Take me to the Beach

I wanted to have a limited and relaxing day and headed from the museum right to the Pacific Ocean, a drive along California Highway No. 1, Northbound. A lovely scenery, of which I could not take too many pictures. At least, I made a stop and strolled around famous Huntington Beach on a short break. Beautiful scenery, the lovely Huntington Pier – just a picturesque place.

From there, I stayed driving along the coastline, until I had to head Northeast to the hotel.


Holiday Inn Long Beach Airport

The hotel I chose for the next night was the Holiday Inn Long Beach Airport, which is in really close proximity to the travel hub. The hotel is built like a tower and almost round. The area is not too attractive, though, there is a lot of construction around and the hotel is also not too well isolated against the sounds of the interstate. Furthermore, the streets around are challenging – one wrong turn typically lets you run into a detour of more than one mile, not rarely having two U-Turns until you reach your destination. I won’t review the hotel here, but it felt rather average – nevertheless, it was fine to me, as it suited my traveller’s needs.


Anaheim Ducks vs. Pittsburgh Penguins 3-2

I had time for a short nap and then headed towards Honda Center. The arena is in a rather commercial zone. Right in front of Honda Center, after parking, I recognized that I my camera with me, but no memory card. Unfortunately no store around which could sell me one. Thus, the pictures taken are done with my cell phone.

For that match, I had supreme tickets, right next to the Pittsburgh bench. Not the best one to watch the game as such… But hey, I could touch and give five to Crosby. That was about the whole positive sum-up of the match from a Pittsburgh perspective. Even though there were parts of the match in which the Pens dominated the match, they were too weak in the offense and also did too many passing mistakes. Furthermore, there was again a decision (this time, a 2+2, which lead to a game pre-deciding goal), which the refs put under review only after it had been shown on the video screen.Overall, not a that good evening by the officials, but a very nice arena and good memories.



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