Songs Of The Week (week of 29th December 2023)

The Christmas weeks are typically the ones with the lowest number of releases. Unfortunately, quite the majority of the songs I received this week were not good enough in my point of view to deserve part of this. Two songs I received as “new” were in fact already released. Thus, 2024 is kicking off with the shortest Songs of the Week for songs released in 2023. Some sort of New Year’s paradox.


Volxrock – Lausbuam4Life

There are a couple of bands who mix traditional German folk music with some rock attitudes. Volxrock, however, is not from Germany, but from South Tyrolia, i.e. from Northern Italy. They released a really nice party song this week. The song will even have some presence in German language television soon.


Antonio Hoffman- Frohes Neues

Frohes Neues is a German short way to say “Happy New Year”. The folk song is very lyrical and narrative. The press kit states it to sound like an “entry into your diary”, which is a nice description, I feel. Antonio Hoffmann is an artist from Southern Germany.


The Republic of Wolves – A Long December

Last, but not least, I share A Long December by The Republic of Wolves with you. The band is an indie-rock band from Long Island, New York. Really nice listen.


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