Songs Of The Week (week of 3rd November 2023)

I had a quite intensive week, exploring several interesting rail trips as well as being back in Pittsburgh and in Myrtle Beach. The list of songs this week was rather short – I guess it is also due to all the different holidays and parties. Nonetheless, there are eight interesting new releases – hope you like them.


Thomas Meilstrup – Polaroids

My list of new releases is this time opened by an artist from DenmarkPolaroid is a cool, modern pop song with a catching melody. Nice listen.

Conan Gray – Killing Me

The second song has been released by the US-American content creator Conan Gray. The song suggest being a pop ballad at the beginning, but the beat is taking control of the song. Great one.

Simon Stadler – Heimat-Hafen-Ozean

The title of this song translates to “Home Harbor Ocean”. The musician behind this song is Austrian Simon Stadler, who is (how could it be differently?) singing about a relationship.


Lars Hagen – Nachts wenn ich allein bin

Lars Hagen is a German artist, who is mixing elements of pop, rock and schlager music. His latest song release comes with an amazing chorus. Hope it stays in your mind as much as it does for me.


Deep Sun – Eternal Love

Deep Sun is a symphonic power metal band from the Canton Aargau in Switzerland. They explicitly dedicated this new track to their long-lasting fans, who have always supported the band. Nice way of saying goodbye.


Mangold – Zwei

This German duo is consisting of two brothers, Hendrik and Lars Mangold. Their new folk-pop song Zwei (“Two”) is a great listen. Not too much needed to spread musical magic.

Rea Garvey – Perfect In My Eyes

Germany loves Irish artist Rea Garvey so much, we almost feel him to be a German one. Perfect In My Eyes is heating his fans up for a new Rea Garvey album. However, they still have to wait quite a while. Envisaged release date is autumn 2024.


Simon sagt – Wir sind die Wichtel

Okay, it’s getting closer and closer towards Christmas. And the hip hop pop singer Simon sagt (which translates to “Simon says”) made me smile. The artist, who is praising the Christmas imps in his song, is typically concentrating on music for kids. I feel that Wir sind die Wichtel is also a nice groove for adults.


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