Kicking Off The Weird Al Yankovic Tour 2022 (Preview)

Sharing my travel experience following Weird Al Yankovic on tour in North America is somehow traditional on Even though I felt that my late April 2022 trip to the USA following some of the first concerts won’t be as entertaining as my last Weird Al trip in July 2019, I felt some of you might be interested in my experience. This trip report majorly take me to New York State and Massachusetts, following The Unfortunate Return Of The Ridiculously Self-Indulgent Ill-Advised Vanity Tour. No costumes, practically no cover songs, but Weird Al originals – I loved original 2018 under that concept with altering song lists each and every evening (see my 2018 trip report). Even the support act, Emo Phillips, will be the same. Here is my preview.


Weird Al Yankovic 2022 Tour Kick-Off – The Shows

This first stage of me following Weird Al will “just” cover three shows. I have VIP tickets for the Albany stage and ordinary ones for the other two ones. I will come back to Weird Al in October 2022 for five additional stages in Florida as well as for the Carnegie Hall (Stern Auditorium) in New York City later this year. Thus, the 2022 tour will be the first time I will watch the very first as well as the very last stage.

Date City Venue
26.04.2022 Poughkeepsie; NY Bardavon Opera House
27.04.2022 Albany, NY The Egg
29.04.2022 New Bedford, MA Zeiterion Performing Arts Center

The full Weird Al tour is listed as a special tour in my concert dates page at the time of writing. I will make use of the free day on 28.4.2022 to explore Boston for the very first time. My stay there will offer me the chance to see an NHL ice hockey match as well:

Date Match (home vs. away) Arena
28.04.2022 Boston Bruins – Buffalo Sabres TD Garden


Weird Al Yankovic 2022 Tour Kick-Off – The Flights

After my recent Pittsburgh Penguins Trip in March 2022 required a lot of flying and transfers, this trip will be rather straight-forward and just includes connections to and from New York JFK. I will grab a rental car there and connect to the venues as a road trip. The flights are not too posh, I preferred American Airlines Premium Economy over British Airways (where I have a higher chance for upgrades). The intercontinental flights are B777 ones – but if you are interested in American Airlines A330 Premium Economy experience, check out this posting. The Dusseldorf connects are operated by British Airways:

Date Flight from to
25.4.2022 AA 6681 Dusseldorf (DUS) London (LHR)
25.4.2022 AA 141 London (LHR) New York (JFK)
30.4.2022 AA 100 New York (JFK) London (LHR)
1.5.2022 AA 6596 London (LHR) Dusseldorf (DUS)

Apart from the very first night, I will stay in Hilton Hotels only this time:

Once there will be explicit reviews of the hotels, links will be added above.


Weird Al Yankovic 2022 Tour Kick-Off – Day by Day

Here are the links to the different entries of my travel diaries, appearing once they have been published:


Weird Al Yankovic 2022 Tour – Playlist

At the morning of Day 2 of the trip, I decided to create a playlist with all the originals (and very few covers). Just when you need a warm-up soundtrack:



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