Florida Citrus Tower

Florida Citrus Tower

11 USD (day ticket)


3.6/5 Pros

  • Nice nostalgic structure
  • Friendly and relaxed atmosphere Cons

  • Not a too catching view

Florida Citrus Tower is somehow an iconic structure in Greater Orlando. On top of that is located right next to the Presidents Hall of Fame, which is a rather famous and popular tourist destination. For that reason, I visited both places during my trip in October 2022, following the Weird Al Yankovic Tour. Today, I take you to the viewing platform.


Florida Citrus Tower – Location & Admission

Florida Citrus Tower is located in Clermont in Florida. From Central Orlando spots like the ICON Park, it is slightly more than a 30 minutes drive (25 miles). The tower is located right next to Highway 27 and just a short drive away from Florida Turnpike. You could even go there by public transport from the entertainment city Orlando. Sufficient free parking is provided. The observation tower is located in a rather commercial area. The only other touristic spot is the Presidents Hall of Fame already mentioned, which is just a few steps away.

The tower is opening daily from 7:00 to 19:00. Only on Sundays, you cannot access the tower before noon. Adult admission to the tower is 11 USD. With one ticket, you can go to the top multiple times on the same calendar day. You typically also find deals for it on deal platforms.


Florida Citrus Tower – The Visit

Florida Citrus Tower is a observation and broadcasting tower built in 1956. The roof is about 69 meters above ground, the antennas up to some 150 meters above sea level. A key part of the visit seemed to have been the elevator in the past – the tower managed to preserve the original one for quite a long while until they finally had to modernize ist. The viewing platform is roofed and air conditions. I liked looking through the windows – the bar stools provided are a nice service to relax. At least during my visit, there were just a few other visitors, so that this visit felt really relaxed.

Unfortunately, you can just spot Orlando and the attractions like Disney on the horizon (on a clear day). The area around Citrus Tower is nice and has some lakes, but overall, the location of Florida Citrus Tower feels to be a bit of unfortunately, regarding the potential view.


Florida Citrus Tower – Services

The bottom of the tower hosts a basic exhibition of the history of the tower. A really nice part is the cafe, which you find there as well. Citrix Tower also sells a limited range of souvenirs. The staff provided good service. In case you have some urgent commercial needs, Florida Citrus Tower also hosts an Amazon Locker.


Florida Citrus Tower – My View

It’s a bit of sad that the tower is not located some ten miles closer to the current Orlando attractions. I am sure Florida Citrus Tower would be a blast of a visit. You can’t change it – and finally, the place is still a nice visit, with a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere and a touch of nostalgia.


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